To Own You

Nothing would ever stop their passion, their love for each other. No-one. No murderous man.

Married to Jason Lucas, Gemma is handling how to be the wife of a millionaire. In a moment of foolishness, she makes an error of judgement; an act she regrets and she must face the consequences that tumble on afterwards.

Jason married for love, but will he be able to give his wife the romance she desires? His passion to be her Dominant remains strong but can he find a way to meld romance and dominance? After an event leaves him worried for Gemma’s safety, he has the idea to take her to New York City. He asks her to submit to a week of escapism involving domination and submission, bondage and kinky sex. Will she agree to trust him and will she survive his style of domination for the duration?

Most importantly – will their love survive the retribution that awaits them upon their return?


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To Own You is part of the Trust Me series. Book one – To Know You – is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Each book is a standalone story with its own Happy for Now ending.

(Previously published as Trust Me to Own You.  To Own you is the re-edited 2nd edition, published by Baronet Press.)

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