Free Short Stories

A small collection (which will hopefully grow) of free short erotic stories. They may contain some spanking and/or explicit sex.

Seasonal offerings – The Advent Calendar and Santa’s Surprise two Christmas spanking tales.

The Spanking Bench – wearing high heels and little else, she takes a trip down into the basement. (Spanking & BDSM)

Hot Moons Beach – A visit to an exclusive beach lands her in trouble (public spanking)

Naughty Kitty – Fiercely independent, until she meets her boss in the office. (Spanking/paranormal)

Hand Warmer – a story for the Winter Spanks Blog Hop.  What to do when your hands are cold while waiting for a late bus? (Outdoor spanking)

A Fit of the Giggles – she can’t stop herself from giggling (OTK spanking)

Honey and the Master – as Honey bitten off more than she can chew when she meets her new Master. (BDSM)

On the Coffee Table – Arriving home from work, Charlotta discovers she is not alone in the house. Somebody is waiting for her and the spot light is on the coffee table. What does he want her to do?  (Erotic dancing)

After Dinners and a Spanking – She isn’t allowed to tease him, but she can’t resist when she seductively sucks on a delicious chocolate mint.  Then she has to face the consequences. (sexually explicit).  (Spanking/Sex)

His Instructions – kneeling at his feet, she listens (D/s fantasy)

Driving the Ferrari – two friends married to brothers have a little too much fun with new Ferrari. Sent to the bedrooms for some discipline, both end up over the knees of their husbands at the same time. (Double spanking)

Sampling the Goods – The Cane Shop – introducing Casey and Mr Tolchard (from Taught to Serve) in a parody of a magical film. (Caning/parody)

Back to School – Petulant, nervous, rude – she doesn’t want to go back to school and she finds herself over his knee. (OTK spanking)

The Big Wheel Date – a 1000 word short story inspired by the Manchester Eye and an unusual blind date. (D/s)


Not forgetting the super quick mini stories and Fairy Tales retold.

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