Tempted to know more?

She has to believe it will be different. A fresh start.  Will it be?  This is how it begins…..


I was in his bedroom, his fantastically colossal bedroom.  A floor to ceiling bay window showed off his ornamental garden, which was barely visible under the moonlight.  The emperor size bed had short wooden posts at each corner and white silk sheets. No duvet or quilt was necessary given the warmth of the night. The rest of the room was sparsely furnished with cushioned cream carpet and plain sapphire walls.  Everything appeared to be spotlessly clean and frugal. The bed was an enormous piece of furniture and yet it did not fill the vast room. There was substantial floor space in the middle of the room and I stood there, waiting and fidgeting.

I nervously fiddled with my dress seam as he strolled over towards me.  He looked straight at me with a slight quirky smile on his face.  Halting within arm’s reach, he helped me with the side zipper.

“You’re sure about this?” he asked gently. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“I’m fine – excited. It’s been a few months since I last, you know did this,” I murmured as he pulled my dress down past my pink bra.  The closer he was, the more overpowering the thought of him lying on top of me, entering me.

Let him be every bit as good in bed as he is handsome, please, I implored.

“It’s going to be good, Gemma, real good,” he said as if in answer to my unspoken thoughts.

Too nervous to speak, I nodded in agreement and looked up at his blue eyes. He grasped the dress with renewed vigour and tugged the straps off my arms, the rest fell away to my feet.  In a matter of seconds, he had pushed me on to the bed and knelt down to take my shoes off.   Breathless and eager, I realised how quickly he had been stripped me down to my underwear.  He started to undress himself with efficiency and was quickly down to his boxers.

“Do I need condoms?”

Did he just use the plural!  No matter, I did not need them.

“No, I’m on the pill, didn’t seem any point in mucking about with it,” I smiled, remembering why I needed them in the first place, when sex was a bloody fantastic thing in my life.

“Any other reason why I should need one?” he probed further. His face would be crestfallen if I had given him a reason.

“God no, I’m clean,” I returned his gaze with confidence. I was familiar with the status of my health. “What about you?”

“I’m good babe, don’t worry,” he said and I believed him, his face exuded trustworthiness.

Why, oh why had I previously failed to spot signs of deceitfulness in another?  I must have been a walkover, an easy target for him.  No, not tonight, there was no way I was ruining tonight with unnecessary memories.  I blanked them out.

I lay back on the bed and shut my eyes. Finally, after what seemed a lifetime of being on hold I was going to have sex and not with any ordinary everyday bloke. I was going to be fucked by Jason Lucas – yes fucking yes!



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