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I wrote the first book – Trust Me to Know You –  from the first person point of view. Why?  Two reasons. I wanted the main character – Gemma –  to have an inner voice, which shows her as vulnerable and haunted. Additionally to present her desires and fears travelling hand in hand as she meets her paramount.  I also did not want to have the perspective of the other key character showing his motives, his intentions. The nature of the book is about trust and the reader joins Gemma with her uncertainties. Does she trust him or not? Can he be trusted?  Effectively she is blindfolded mentally and physically, creeping cautiously forward.


Entering into a new relationship, regardless of what has gone before and nature of the relationship, be it kinky or vanilla, you have to gain an understanding, an awareness of what the other person means to you. Is there a veil they live behind, are their true emotions exposed or hidden?

The next book in the series is written from the third person POV because now I wanted to explore both characters, though still keeping the main perspective from Gemma’s viewpoint. As the relationship progresses, changes and develops through up and downs, other viewpoints become imperative. What do their friends think of the pair?  Their families?  Their employees or co-workers?  Do they see the kinky side of Gemma and Jason’s behaviour and what would they do if they found out?  By the third book, I’ve written from a broader ensemble of POVs, some in first person, most in third. Dangerous territory perhaps for a writer, but I wanted to move around the characters and see through other eyes.

It’s perilously perhaps.

I like a challenge.

For a great post on POV by Anastasia Vitsky  read here

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out! POV shifts are electrifying when done right but clunky when done wrong. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve done here. 🙂

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