Setting the scene

It’s a book about BDSM and kink. So, is there a dungeon?  Well, you could search through my book and not find much mention of the word. Does that mean there isn’t one? I’m not revealing….

private doorThe majority of kinksters do not have a dungeon. They have a bedroom or perhaps a basement or an outhouse. There maybe a few pieces of specialist furniture purchased or built. But for most people it is the bedroom or a typical room in their house where things are done. Nothing special or exotic. Visiting dungeons in fetish clubs is one way to experience the real thing but they are not exactly common.

Not only is the physical space required there are other necessities. Toys need to be stored away, locks on doors to ensure privacy is maintained and excuses prepared if things are interrupted.

At the simplest level there is spanking.  Now OTK can be done anywhere private and doesn’t require much that you can’t find in a typical house – wooden spoons, spatulas, hairbrushes….. add a little imagination, may be role play and you’re off…..

Who needs a dungeon?

So do I have one in the book? – still not saying.

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