Writing the important scenes

Early on in the book is an intense sex scene. Am I comfortable writing about sex? Well, I have to be, it’s rather integral to the story. However, I didn’t put the erotic scene up front to be within the 15-20% of the book that falls within the free sample. It happened to be necessary to the plot to have the sexual encounter early on.  Writing about sex is something that draws on your imagination and fantasies, not necessary real life. People probably think I’ve done some of the things in my story.  Being a private person, I’m not saying!  It doesn’t especially matter as it is the reader who has to be the vehicle to carry my imagination through the book. What the sex has to show is emotion, the sensual side of the coupling and the intensity. whether it is slow dripping sensual lust or fiery passionate love-making, I’m trying to convey a sexual journey between two people who have particular needs.

What is important in writing about people involved in BDSM is less about the sex and more about the scenes. These scenes represent the play between the Dominant and the submissive. Whether pre-planned or spontaneous, involving sexual acts or not, they form the basis of the key interactions between Jason and Gemma. The dynamics have to show through as well as the actions of the couple. He is in control and she is submitting to his wishes.  There is a certain thrill about describing these scenarios as opposed to simply writing about sex. When he spanks her – is it for fun or to discipline? When he ties her up – is it to keep her still or to render her powerless and emotionally vulnerable?  There are rituals and protocols to follow and the Dominant needs to respect limits and safewords.  There is also the need for creativity on the part of the controller of the scene and the requirement to maintain integrity.  Quite a lot of expectations to play around with and after all BDSM is about play.

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