Building a series, what to say

There are more books to come.  A series based around the same characters and others will come into play too. What to say without spoiling the story lines.  I don’t want to ruin the first book by giving away too much about the next.

I can tell you the title:

Trust Me to Own You

A theme is developing and trust is a big player.  It is not the only theme.

I can reveal the next book goes into the arena of 24/7 Domination and submission.  One player has more experience than the other. One likes to experiment, to push and explore new scenes while the other is reticent and unsure but willing to try.

Many couples involved in D/s stick to the bedroom. The boundaries are set in the bedroom and Domination / submission is purely an erotic sexual adventure. For others involved in BDSM there is no romantic attachment. There is a time and place with limits agreed up front and once the scene is complete, the players go there separate ways. Outside the bedroom, when things become continuous, how do the roles impact marriage or long-term partnerships?  Are there more rules and protocols or is it simply about consistency.  How far does the Dominant choose to control their submissive wife or partner?  Will it involve what the submissive wears or eats?  Can the submissive be allowed to speak freely or only when told to do so?  It can be risky, to take a dynamic that works well in the bedroom and extend it to other aspects of life.

For each there is a way, a journey that is specific to the people involved. Whether there is a contract, a verbal agreement or simply trust;  can love have a place or does it interfere?

In the second book, there is a holiday, a week-long vacation of escapism. For each day described, there are scenes and romantic interludes and the submissive has to decide how far she will go to meet the desires of her Dominant.  How strong is her need to please him and how much control will she relinquish to him before she wonders if things have gone too far… again.

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