What happens next?

Revealing the next book in a series is tricky. Some, passing by and finding this blog, will want to know nothing, other’s might simply enjoy reading the excerpts and then there are those who have read the first and want to know more…..   I don’t want to reveal the story beyond what might be guessed or anticipated. The two lead characters are there and now there are others too.  Here is a snippet of one – a little spanking involving a cleaner called Angelica:


Angelica watched Gemma’s hand as it lifted up and down repetitively, making a low slapping noise with the back of the hairbrush. Angelica did what she had always done in situations when she was at fault and the capitulation had worked in the past with another.  She turned facing the wall and placed her two hands flat on the dressing table and leaned forward pushing her bottom out.  Gemma stepped back as she saw Angelica’s pose and froze with brush in hand trying to comprehend what Angelica was proposing.

“Please, if it makes it better for you,” whispered Angelica and she cast her eyes down to the smooth surface of the dressing table.

The range of emotions, which coursed through Gemma’s body, were mixed and confusing.  Her anger had not dissipated and the adrenaline had made her lose her natural inhibitions. She had the chance find out what it was like to punish someone.  She had never switched roles before now.  An unknown world was about to open up to her and she was intrigued by the rare opportunity.

What the hell! she thought, if it makes me feel better about the broken ornament, then do it.

She raised her left hand with wooden surface facing Angelica and brought it down with a loud slam on the girl’s bottom.  Angelica visibly flinched but did not make a sound.  Gemma took it as confirmation her actions were acceptable to Angelica.  She repeated the blow, a little harder this time, though in her weaker left hand it was never going to be powerful as a blow from the right.  Again a flinch and a slightly louder exhale from Angelica.


Three, four, five followed rapidly and each gave Gemma a strange sense of satisfaction. She had never felt like this before.  Her blood was running hot throughout her but not from anger. There was an attraction or maybe an awareness of Angelica’s body shape and form that made her sense a temptation.  An unwanted emotion had been unleashed.

The sixth blow and Gemma heard it, no doubt in her mind, Angelica had moaned and it was not the type of moan that accompanied pain.  Horrified Gemma dropped the hairbrush on the carpet. It was apparent to her the emotion she was feeling in her belly was sexual. The tingling thrill of an arousal and to Gemma’s revulsion, she recognised Angelica was being similarly affected.

Shit! This isn’t me. I don’t do this!

Gemma pushed Angelica off the dressing table forcing the girl to stand in front her.  They stood facing each other, both red faced and mildly breathless. Gemma realised the situation had to be dealt with quickly and immediately.

“You will keep your mouth shut about what has happened here today, not a fucking word to anyone. Do I make myself clear?”  Gemma’s voice was a mixture of harshness and anxiety.  How could she have let herself get so carried away. If he found out about what she had done – she could not bring herself to think of the consequences.

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