Writing in layers

How do I write?  Do I have a technique? Sometimes if feels like I’m flying by the seat of my pants; finding my way as the words flood out of my head into my fingertips. A bit like writing this post. I do think I have a methodology. I write in layers, each one laid on top of the other until they blur into one complete book.

Here are my layers.

1. The story with a sense of plot and key characters, strung together from nuggets written out of sequence and fresh out of my head.  I write scenes, not necessary in chronology and some are BDSM scenes and other’s are conversations or streams of consciousness in a character’s mind.

2. I flesh out and reduced down. A bit like cooking as you take and add ingredients or remove from the stove something that has gone wrong or not working. A narrative or thread is needed to string my nuggets together and I start to bring passages together into the chapters.

3. Adding the emotions.  The characters can be a bit flat or the scenes devoid of romance. I add the passion or the emotional aspects of what is happening.

4. Consistency and continuity – across not only a single book but the series. I am portraying, not only descriptions consistently, but also the personalities. As I add more books to the series it necessitates going back and modifying words or phrases to other earlier passages.  It’s convoluted and requires note taking to one side to make sure I’m not missing something.

5. Editing and checking – the unceasing, never ending process.  Does what I write make grammatical sense?  Am I too repetitive with some words or styles?   This is where I get swamped down and keep hitting the repeat button.  It can impact the other layers too as I re-read my draft, creating the blur and I might be adjusting too much….  Eventually I have to let go and publish.

The great thing about e-books is there is always the possibility of editing beyond publishing. Not tinkering with words but perhaps adding a bonus chapter or excerpts from future books.

Now I have to go back to layer 4.  It’s roughly where I’m up to with second book and for third?  Well may be layer 3.

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