An excerpt and a decision

Another short excerpt from book 2  – Trust Me to Own You.  Gemma and Jason have been hosting a grand garden party and the guests have all left, the marquee is empty and Jason is feeling amorous.

I’ve now put up three excerpts and I have a decision to make. For most eBook distributors, a free sample is offered –  usually the first 10-20% of the book. The sample may reveal  too much or too little, but the cutoff is arbitrary. For I can pick my excerpt. So which one should I choose?  Dilemma for me as each excerpt is very different.  May be I need help making the selection. What do you think?


He drew her body against his and they surveyed the marquee, the electric lights swinging from the poles as the wind picked up a touch.  The day’s heat was not in a hurry to leave and the night air was barmy and warm.  Jason began to nibble on Gemma’s earlobe and as he pressed against her, she noticed his baton shaped erection.

“Jason, not here…” she flustered and wriggled in his arms as he began to kiss her neck.

“Why not?” he continued to smother her with his lips and then his hands began to transverse her body. “The marquee will be here all night, it makes for a good location doesn’t it?” He turned Gemma around and drew her tight against him for more of his oral caresses.

“Jason… I…” gasped Gemma between his attentions.

“I’m a happy man Gemma, and you are about to make me even happier, aren’t you?  In spite of everything, this is Saturday night and you are mine for 24 hours, if you remember our agreement?” He drew back and watched her face flush with comprehension.

“Oh,” was all that came out of her mouth.

“Yes, Oh Sir? Shouldn’t that be?”

His persona was changing before her eyes.  The charming, genial host was being replaced by the dominant Jason Lucas, her master.

“Kneel for me.” He spoke softly with supreme authority and a seductive edge.

She sank to the ground and the tension she had carried about with her all day was vanquished with an emotion that was even stronger – submission.  Waiting for him to make his move, she trembled, grateful there was a breeze to cool her down.  Suddenly he vanished from her sight, however, she did not move. She waited for him to return with her head bowed and breathing rapidly.

Always it was the same emotion when she waited for him. The anticipation, the nervous palpitations and the creeping expectation of sex. Her mind divided itself in two; a part of her drifted into the world of fantasy and the other part tried to empty her head of trivial worries and thoughts.  Inhaling deeply she relished those illusionary images; they fired up her passionate desires. Perhaps secretly she wished some of the waiters remained. In her imaginary place, she and Jason were being watched and the voyeurs’ eyes were envious. They saw a woman about to be fucked hard and used for the pleasure of one man. She would service him without compunction or fear.  Ravished and taken by her dominant lover. Better still she harboured the wish to be held down by those smartly dressed young men; spread wide and kept still as Jason approached her. His head with nod at the men, telling them to hold her steady for him. Her mouth would moan and groan, and at the precise moment he entered her, she would explode about him while others pinned her to a table.

It was all fantasy. In reality she had lost her confidence as an exhibitionist. The once comfortable zone of social nudity and communal scening were long gone. She dreaded the idea of a rogue security guard or waiter drifting by and seeing them in the passions of kinky sex. Glancing about, she double checked they were alone. Shutting her eyes, she sent her mind to the other location; the calming thoughts of nothingness and contentment. It was up to Jason to take her to her place of fantasies, not her rampant imagination. He would lead and she would follow. Her aspirational visions vaporised and she centred herself in the here and now; the real world and there she sought out a meditative state of being.

Jason returned with what he needed in his hand. Seeing her knelt, eyes closed and waiting patiently, he paused and admired her demure pose. It called to him, like a beacon, to have her mindful of him and his intentions. A thump of his heart reminded him of her expectations, her trust and respect for him. She could have walked away, refused to submit and gone to bed. Far from it, she was preparing herself for him and he was grateful.

“Stand up,” he commanded her and Gemma rose as gracefully as possible.

Gemma’s kindling lust continued to be ignited by his bearing. The words and tone of his voice intoxicated her and removed her inhibitions instantly. She trusted him and did not care where she was or even if anyone was watching, something that surprised her.  She spied the scissors in his hand.

“I suspect,” he spoke very quietly and with determination, “that this is a ridiculously expensive dress. I don’t want you to wear it again, I want to keep a memory of it only; a memory of tonight.”

He pushed her back against one of the tables and then eased her back down on to it.  With slow precision, he began to cut the dress off her.  Starting at the bottom hem, he aimed the blades towards her cleavage. The whole time he snipped away at her dress, he did not take his piercing blue gaze off her.

“Keep still I don’t want to cut you,” he whispered to her.

Gemma was anxious, she did not like blades, but her trust remained.  She tempered her breathing to stop her breasts rising and falling too rapidly. Slowly the fabric split apart in front of her revealing her minimalist knickers and strapless bra.  Jason then snipped through the shoulder straps just above each breast.  Once he had completed his dissection Jason threw the scissors away to one side.  He took the two dress halves and peeled them away from her shoulders and arms. He stood back to admire her salacious body.

“Beautiful.  I have to admit to being jealous this afternoon.  All those men coveting you with their eyes.  Most displeasing for me,” he smirked. “So I’m going to fuck you here in this marquee where all those licentious men roved their eyes over you.  Because you are mine and it is my right.”

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