Those last minute things

press buttonPublishing a book is rather similar to publishing a blog post, at some point you have to hit the button and stand back. Unfortunately for ebooks there are lots of buttons.  There is the formatting button – have I left in hidden characters that will screw up the conversion etc. Then I have to convert to different formats; the one for Kindle, for Smashwords and so on, creating numerous slightly different files. I can’t edit the content now or else I will have to change all those versions. Some need contents pages, others don’t. Some page breaks, others don’t.  Once there, I then have to add the extra information around the book. The blurb, the excerpt and prepare it for viewing. Self-publishing is not difficult, but it isn’t a simple press of the button either.

It will get pressed soon – honestly…. I just need to do one more tweak.

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