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Jason was not one for prying into the personal effects of his wife but on one occasion, while she soaked in a hot perfumed bath, he had gone into her hobby room to return a book of hers to the bookshelves. He sighed at the clutter and went to pick up the two dirty coffee mugs she had left on her desk. Scattered about were drawings, mostly unfinished sketches she used as springboards for ideas.

His eyes were drawn to a series of sketches on one sheet of paper. Entitled her ‘favourites’ he had to smile at her choice of subject matter. Using a simple pencil outline, she had drawn a seemingly anonymous couple engaged in sex. Nine sex positions neatly laid out in procession and he examined each one in turn.  Jason had no difficulty identifying each of her selected positions and he made a mental note of her favourites; he liked them all too.

In bed the same night, he had worked his way through her list methodically, spending a few minutes in each position before commandeering her body for the next. It was, by the time they reached the eighth of her nine, that a small smile of recognition descended upon her increasingly sweaty and exhausted face.

“You’ve been in my hobby room,” she stated as he re-positioned her on her side.

“Maybe,” he said enigmatically. “What makes you think that?”

“You saw something.”

“In that mess?” he exclaimed and began to move his head towards her apex of her thighs.

Gemma had murmured a nonsensical word as his lips touched her sex.

Jason stopped and lifted his head up. “I believe this is supposed to be a 69, so could you fulfil the other end of the requirement?” he flicked her clitoris with his finger and she jerked out of her trance.

“Sure. Just checking you remembered the finer details,” she said and then they simultaneously started to devour each other.

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