Shaping the story

To confirm – there is part three of the Trust Me series to come!

I hoping to finish it by the end of summer to publish it in September.

What can I say about the third book in the series?

There are things still to discover about Gemma’s traumatic past and there a few mysteries to resolve.

Jason is keen to find out more about his one time cleaner Angelica.  He also reveals some secrets he has kept from Gemma. It does not make her happy to know he has tucked away information about his own past.

The third books deals with how the couple interact with the world around them. The people they work with and their friends and family. Jason’s creeping control over Gemma continues to grow and she finds it harder to resist his dominance in her everyday life.

Writing about two people as their relationship develops, I made a conscientious decision to have each book shaped in a different style. The first was told entirely from Gemma’s perspective and showed her re-discover her submission and kept Jason behind a veil.

The second book picked their story a few months later and half the book covers an intense week long holiday told day by day.

The third book takes the couple and tells their story over a period of a year. Each chapter is rather like a short tale that uncovers further revelations.  What fantasies does Gemma hold in her head and can Jason make them come alive for her. How to maintain the creativity and thrill of a D/s dynamic  alongside their every day life. Sometimes Gemma wants to be ordinary and unassuming, to slip away from being the wife of a wealthy man. Will Jason let her or will he insist on keeping her safe and under his thumb?

I shall return to my draft and keep shaping their story.

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