Maintaining the roles

How to maintain submission when perhaps the kink  is only infrequent or life is too busy to find the time?

Many couples who are in a D/s relationship or may be a Domestic Discipline lifestyle, use maintenance to keep their roles in focus. Re-affirming submission through some form of ritual or in many cases – a spanking.

Now my characters don’t have the opportunities all the time, but the Dominant is well prepared to step in if he thinks it is needed. When work and worries overshadow, he reminds the submissive of her place.  It can be painful, and she might not be keen at first, but generally, she ends up in a better place within her head and a happy Dom too.

Here is a little extract from the current book I am working on.


Jason smacked her bottom hard and she wriggled it back at him.

“Liked that did you?” he hissed. “Well in that case, let’s do our own maintenance.”

“What!” she yelped. “I didn’t mean….”

“Too late babe, You need it. All those silly doubts whizzing in your head.”

Jason took her over his knee on the armchair and began to spank her with the flat rigid palm of his hand. Left, then right, back and forth until she turned pink and then redder with his handprints. Her feet kicked about, her hands pawed at his lap, the chair and reaching down, she tried to grab at the carpet fibres.

“Oh, fuck, oh….” she ranted.

“Come on babe, this is nothing.”

He lifted his hands higher and there they were, on her cheeks and splashing out on to the leather. Her tears landed with splatters and she sobbed and jerked. As the tears slid down, she finally stopped moving and each muscle in her body fell inactive and passive.

“Good girl,” he said as he rubbed her cheeks. “Just a few more I think, don’t you?”

“Yes sir, thank you,” she whispered.

To drift away, in the arms of your dominant, was always Gemma’s dream. Casting back to the time she happily lay on many men’s laps, she had always desired the special place where body and mind dissociated. Where worries evaporated and submission was discovered.  There were very few implements and styles of impact which could not get her there, but always the hand was the best for achieving subspace. It was as if the skin contact was essential to the experience. The pressure of his hand dipping down into her tender soft flesh and the shockwave as the bones underneath jarred. With toes curling up, eyes shut and breaths slowing, Jason inserted his fingers inside her and brought her to an orgasm. A responsive gentle climax, which caused her to ripple and squirm.

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