The art of distraction

There will be a delay in the third book 🙁  I’m busy writing other books too and juggling many tasks about them.

I can reveal a little more now and again.

Below is an extract.  Lazy Gemma has been disciplined for keeping the house in a mess. Having been corrected, she brings a snack to Jason while they watch a film. Except, Jason is distracted by his Gemma……


When Gemma came back she was carrying a bowl of popcorn, full to the brim.  She placed it carefully on the floor next to the sofa.  He patted his chest, indicating she was to return to her original position.  She happily complied and lay her head back on his chest, his heart gently thumping underneath her.  Jason drew back her dressing gown, revealing her naked flesh below.

“You are beautiful,” he commented as he ran a finger down between her breasts.  She quivered slightly at his touch.  “More exercise and I’m sure we can improve your core strength,” he said hand resting on her stomach. “Perhaps then some suspension for you to enjoy, you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

She moaned as he traced his hand back up.

Jason reached down a picked up a piece of popcorn. Balancing it on her erect nipple, he flicked the popcorn across the room and it bounced on to the carpet.

“Jason! You’re making a mess!” said Gemma indignantly.

“Quite, never mind, I know who will clean it up, don’t I?” he smirked and balanced another piece of popcorn on the other nipple.  The next time, he deliberately missed and flicked his finger hard into her nipple.

“Ouch!” she jumped fractionally and giggled again. “I see, like that is it?”

“Open wide,” he said and dropped a few popcorns into her mouth.  “Tasty?” More popcorn was balanced on her and some he flicked across the room and others toppled off when he struck her nipple instead.  The effect on them both was obvious. She could feel him stirring underneath her back and she had her own tingling sensations in her belly and groin.

“More popcorn, darling?” offered Jason.

Their fun was interrupted by a phone ringing out in the hallway: the internal ring of the gatehouse.

“Shit!” growled Jason. “What the fuck, at this time of the evening.” He looked at his watch, it was a little after ten o’clock.

“Off!” He gave Gemma a small shove and she rolled off him.  He strode into the hallway and picked up the handset.

“Yes?” he snapped loudly.

“Very sorry, sir,” said the night guard Thompson. “Your parents are here and wish to see you.”

“My parents? Well send them up,” Jason put the phone down with a bemused expression.  He could not remember the last time his parents had turned up unannounced. “Gemma, get upstairs and put something decent on. Quickly my parents have decided to spring a surprise visit.”

He watched as she switched the TV off and glanced around the messy room.  Ironically, they would have to leave it.  “Wait,” he caught her arm at the bottom of the stairs. “Don’t let them know about your sore bum, OK? I’ll reward you for being discreet,” he murmured in her ear and she smiled, relishing the promise of a reward.

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