The CEO’s wife

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Her situation has changed dramatically in a space of a year. Gemma is now wealthy, has a relatively new job and has recently returned from an intense week of submitting to Jason in their New York apartment.  Adapting to change is tricky, especially when so much has happened in a short space of time. Jason doesn’t like his wife interfering with his working life.  From time to time, she forgets this unwritten rule.  Her new status goes to her head a little.  However, given the nature of their relationship, there is always a mechanism to keep her in place. He need only remind her of it – a spanking that won’t be forgotten .

Gemma is visiting Jason’s office. The place where she once worked and where she met him for the first time.  Naturally, she bumps into a former work colleague and lets her emotions over her past get the better of her.  However, she forgets that Jason can read her like a book.


Gemma groaned inwardly.

Bloody Penny!

If she thought of all her ex-work colleagues she did not want to see: Penny would be up there at the top of the list.  Putting on her best face, she apologised to Carla and walked over to where Penny was helping herself to a cup of coffee and biscuit.  Gemma took advantage and picked up a cup of tea.

“Hi, Penny, how are you?” said Gemma as sweetly as she could muster.

“Oh alright,” lied Penny.  “I’m stuck up here collating a ton of documents.  The most boring job in the world, but someone has to do it.”

“Why you? It’s not your usual area of work.” Gemma could not help hide her curiosity as she stirred her tea.

Penny went slightly red and for a moment looked flustered.

“Well, yes you’re right.  Bit of an unfortunate incidence involving the stationery cupboard in our old office area,” she said in hushed tones.

Gemma struggled hard not to laugh.  At long last, the helping hand had been caught in the act.  It was well known amongst her co-workers that Penny had a problem with ‘borrowing’ stationery items for her own personal use.

“Penny!  You have to contain your kleptomania,” said Gemma wryly.

Penny looked bemused. Gemma’s last word was one she was unfamiliar with and it caused her to lose her train of thoughts. “Now that you’re, you know, mixing with the execs and everything – would be grateful for a word in the right direction,” she continued. “I’ve been stuck in menial jobs for a month now. It is so boring!” She imitated a yawn.

Gemma’s sympathy levels now hit rock bottom.  She could not believe the silly mare would actually think she would go to Jason and plead her case for mitigation.  In her opinion, Penny should have been booted out of the door ages ago.

“I don’t think I can help, Penny; not appropriate for me to get involved.  I’m only here to drop off some papers,” she explained quickly, picking up the envelope from the table where it rested while she drank her tea.

“Please, Gem, you must have a bit of influence…” She leaned forward right into Gemma’s face.  The two of them stood as if in cahoots, their backs to the rest of the room and it left them somewhat oblivious to the arrival of additional people.

The other meeting room had opened up its doors and was spewing out its human contents.  There was a sudden hubbub about them as people headed for the refreshments and water cooler. As Gemma was about to tell Penny yet again that it was not worth the effort, a hand appeared over Gemma’s shoulder and whisked away the biscuit propped on her saucer.

Gemma knew the hand exceedingly well and smiled as she felt his presence close by her shoulder.

“Jason, that’s stealing!” She turned to find her husband munching on her biscuit.

“I’m hungry,” he swallowed. “It’s been a long time since breakfast; you do remember breakfast, Mrs Lucas?”

Gemma tried not to blush at the recollection of the breakfast. It had involved far more than food.

Jason became aware of Penny, who stood gawping at the exchange between the chief executive and his wife.  Jason quickly gave Penny the once over; her garish make-up and dull eyes put her beyond his interest levels.

“Jason, do you remember Penny Ryan from my old office?” Gemma just could not resist the opportunity to introduce the disgraced Penny.

“Miss Ryan.” He gave her a pleasant smile of acknowledgement.

“Penny is busy with a pile of paperwork, collating documents, aren’t you, Penny?” Gemma gave a little dig at the demeaning task.  “I expect sorting piles of papers is similar to keeping stationery cabinets in order. Yes?  Probably need to count them out at the end, make sure nothing has slipped out under the door.”  Gemma was thriving on her exposition of Penny’s disgrace.

Penny’s face went white. The ignominy of her scandalous pilfering reiterated in the presence of her chief executive and not a hint of support from Gemma.  Penny could not look at Jason and her brown eyes flickered around him, darting about randomly.  She plopped her half-drunk coffee cup down and started to retreat.

“Must get back, lots still to do.” It was all she could think to say while scurrying back to the conference room. If she had looked at Jason, she would have seen his observant blue eyes were not on her; he was not the slightest bit concerned about Penny.  No, Jason had been carefully taking in his wife’s glow of delight. Gemma had relished her belittling of Penny and thought nothing of Penny’s shame.

“You’d better bring those papers up to my office for me to sign, Gemma,” he requested coldly.

Gemma, aware of the nuances of her husband’s voice, was taken aback at his abruptness.  Before she could turn to catch his face, he was heading back to his office with Carla in tow.  At that point, it crossed her mind he could have easily taken the papers there and then. He wanted to talk to her in private and the manner of his departure could only mean he was unhappy about something.

Gemma felt the elevator judder as it stopped at the top floor: Jason’s domain.  She strolled out as casually as possible and made her way to the door of his outer office, where Jason’s Personal Assistants were in residence, beavering away at their desks.  Carla was back behind her computer and typing furiously.

“Oh, Mrs Lucas, you’re here. Please go in,” she said without pausing in her typing.

Gemma took a deep breath and entered Jason’s office, pushing the door shut behind her with her bottom.  He was standing behind his desk, flicking through a document.

“Put the papers on the table. I’ll sign them in a minute,” he waved at the large meeting table.

Gemma removed the documents from the envelope and laid out the papers on the table ready for him.  They were legal documents relating to trust funds and life insurances. Jason was keen to provide financial security to Gemma in the event of a fatal accident or other unexpected event.  Gemma found the topic morbid and unimaginable.  Her life without Jason would be unbearable.

Jason let his blue eyes descend on his wife’s green ones.  He shot her through with an intense stare and she flinched back, looking away.

“Yet again you seem bent on interfering with my employees,” he censured her with hands on hips.

“Jason?” she asked, puzzled by his expression.

“Christ, Gemma, I’ve never taken you for being a bitch before now, but that was some performance.  Is Penny that much of a problem for you?” He queried sharply.

“What?  She stole from your company and you keep her on?” Gemma could not believe Jason was being so magnanimous with Penny.

“I’m very aware of Penny’s past activities.  I’ve had several discussions with HR about them.  It may surprise you to know that I requested she be kept in my employment.”

Jason had moved closer to Gemma, and was hovering within reach of her.  She remained routed to the spot, sensing that she had totally misjudged the situation with Penny. Jason seethed; seeing the conceited side of his wife was both shocking and disappointing.

“What distresses me most is your need to vilify her in front of me; the one person she must dread facing in relation to her situation.  I suspect she was seeking sympathy from you, perhaps the words of encouragement from the boss’s wife,” said Jason coolly.

Gemma blushed with shame at his perceptive comment.

Jason continued his admonishment. “What you failed to know was that shortly before Penny’s misfortunate, and rather substantial pilfering, her mother had died. Quite suddenly.  The girl was distraught and unable to deal with work.  I expect she was proud and didn’t want to ask for help and used the blatant act of stealing a considerable and rather overt amount of goods as a cry for help. You’ll be pleased to know that she is currently receiving bereavement counselling.  All being well, she will return to her previous post soon.  So, Gemma, how is the bitch in you now – fermenting or in retreat?”

Gemma put a hand over her mouth and for a moment was at a loss at how to respond.  She truly felt awful at her behaviour. It was not like her to pour scorn on someone else’s misfortune and she had abused her position as the CEO’s wife in its absolute worst form.

Jason circled around her and stopped behind her. He placed his hands on her shoulders. “Why do you hate her so much, Gemma? She had nothing to do with Libby and the attempt to kidnap you.”

Gemma sighed. “I found out she was the one who spread the rumours about us, when I worked for you here.  I blame her, for… well, what you did to me in this room, you know, when you spanked me…. punished me.” Gemma dropped her eyes and waited for his angry response. She remembered the day vividly. Waiting at her desk to be summoned. Being told to take off her knickers and bend over his lap. His hand first, slapping hard, then the ruler for what felt like an eternity. The tears splashing on the floor and the bruises the next day. When it have been over, she had stood humiliated in the corner of his enormous office, with her backside on display and her pussy throbbing hard for him.

“That is incredibly petty, Gemma. You consented and if I recall, you ultimately took pleasure from it. The nature of our relationship was different to now.  I hoped for better from you.” His simple statement brought tears to her eyes as she stared up at the ceiling.

“This is what is going to happen. I’m giving you choice.  You can either go now and apologise to Penny for your unpleasant behaviour in my presence or at the next suitable occasion I will discipline you, so at least I have the satisfaction of knowing you are contrite. I should imagine the punishment would be similar to what you experienced in here before.  The only person you will have to blame though is yourself.” Jason removed his hands and went back to his desk. “Well?  I do have stuff to be getting on with and you were heading back home.”

For a fleeting moment Gemma, imagine her prone, bent body and Jason standing over her with a raised hand.  The scene had a tantalising allure about it.  Why she did not understand, he would cause her considerable pain, along with his verbal lashings.  Nevertheless, she would be his and have his undivided attention. Going to Penny was in some respects more humiliating, though it was the right thing to do.

“I’ll be with Penny,” Gemma muttered picking up her handbag and she left Jason to his labours.

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