The time and place

Everyone’s life is busy. Work, family, downtime when tiredness takes over and there are simply not enough hours in the day.  Scheduling that all important connection can be tricky and not always fit to the predetermined slots.

Gemma and Jason have their weekend scenes, the time for her to submit to his will and be under his control.  What happens when the time and place are not matching the need?  The boundaries start to crumble a little.  Gradually they are eroded and the need to be flexible and spontaneous is more important.

Gemma has had an unexpected visit from Jason while she is on a business trip.  She is filled with the desire to show her gratitude.  It means opening up to him and it’s not the time and place.


“Mrs Lucas. Do you have something in mind?” he said softly.

“Mr Lucas, whatever gave you that idea?”

He place a hand on her thigh, the flesh was warm and soft from the bath oils.  He could not fail to notice that her nipples went rigid at his touch.  She was extremely responsive to his touch and he could see the goose pimples rise up on her exposed skin.  She slipped off his lap and knelt between his legs, taking his belt buckle in her hand.

“You don’t have to do this, Gemma,” he said with a hand steadying hers.

“I want to,” she said simply and unzipped his flies.

Jason laid his head back on the sofa and groaned with sheer delight as her hands and mouth began gradually to arouse him.  She worked slowly and methodically, languishing over his hardening cock.

“Stop.” He placed a hand on her head and pushed her away off him.  A trickle of saliva ran out of her mouth. “No more here, in the bedroom.”

He stood up and she remained at his feet.  Her bearing pleased him, as he had not expected her to be so accommodating of his needs.  Reaching down to her, he drew her up and she stood close to him. Her eyes never left his. The robe slipped off her shoulders and down on to the deep piled carpet.

“You don’t have…” he reiterated and she interrupted him.

“I do.  I want to show you my appreciation, my gratitude.  For coming to see me.  I wish to please you, to show you I’m yours.  All of me,” she said carefully.

“All of you?” he repeated. “Today is not the day you have to do this, Gemma,” he reminded her.

“Please, let me.  Own me, Jason.  It is all I can give you, when you can do so much more for me,” she pleaded, her green eyes glowing in the pale light of the room.

“It’s more than sufficient for me.  Your love is everything to me. You know that.” He bent down and kissed her mouth pulling her lips back with his before letting go. “There is a four poster bed in there,” he said with a grin.

“I was kind of hoping there would be,” she smiled back at him.

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