Next book creeping closer

The third book in the Trust Me series is close to be publishing.  The cover is done and following a short break away from home, I should be back in November to finish off the final preparations.

A little interlude from the book – a kiss.  Often under-rated as erotic foreplay.  I like the sensuality of two lips meeting and being a bridge for communicating intent : –


Final Cover Trust MeKissing remained something that never ceased to amaze Gemma. How, after all their time together, Jason could provoke such heat in her body simply from placing his lips against hers. His head would tilt to one side, hers too in the opposite direction. Lowering his head, she would raise hers upwards to meet him. He preferred her to open her mouth, enabling him to flick his tongue inside her. Not far and not for long – it was a reminder of his ability to tease and torment without providing satisfaction. She loved the warm moisture, his sweet taste and clean teeth. The man was immaculate in his oral hygiene, the same fastidious approach to maintaining and grooming his whole body. Sometimes he would bite a lip as he sucked her mouth against his. A small moment of captivity and she would hold her breath as he drew back, keeping her there until his teeth released her tender flesh.

The effect on her being could be tremendous and visceral. Jason would feel the heartbeats, see the pulse in her neck and the glow course about her as he held her tight to his chest. He could taste the honey in her mouth from her breakfast. The smell of strawberries in her hair and the perfume she dabbed on her bosom. Owning her for a few seconds of rapturous passion thrilled him and he never lost the ability to win her over with his keenness. His cock twitched, just as her moist pussy clenched. A moment of sexual awakening dawned upon them both and it forced him to break away from her. Later, he would take her in her entirety.

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