Escape to fantasy world

What I write is fiction. A world of erotic fantasy.  I’ve read quite a bit of it too, though now I prefer to write.  The key thing is that it isn’t real. There are characters, places and locations that are not real, they don’t exist.  They are conjured up out of my imagination and slotted into the real world around us.  I describe some detail, but ultimately the reader can add the extra colour and tone, bring out what they like to see and hear.

There is no ‘how to do this thing’ in my books. I researched and there is a little bit of personal experience, but I’ve not portrayed me in anyway in my stories, or anyone I know personally. A mish-mash perhaps of people I have touched on in my life, nothing more than that.

Fiction can encourage us to take on a new perspective or try out things we never might have considered. However, it has to be done sensibly.

Spanking is easy. If it thrills you and you have a willing partner – one of you top, the other the bottom – and experiment away. All it needs is a hand and a healthy piece of flesh. Bent over, laying flat; be a little daring and try out an implement or two. Really, you don’t need a manual, just commonsense, trust and judgement.  It is fun. It doesn’t have to about discipline or lifestyle choices.  An erotic pastime for your mutual pleasure (and a touch of pain too, be prepared for that.)  Make it sensual, intimate or maybe dress it up in role-play.

Beyond that, really don’t go by fiction or novels. It isn’t real-life. It’s fantasy.  Escapism.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

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