Taught to Serve published!!!

Taught to Serve has been released – it can be found on



Here is a little snippet from the book –

Casey has been very disrespectful and Rob won’t tolerate it.  She is told to assume the position….. bent over….


Her legs had to move apart to enable her to hold her legs firmly. Between them, she watched as Rob went to the bureau. A piece of furniture she, many times, had come to dread as it held his harshest of implements. A beautiful cabinet, inlaid with marquetry and ivory, it creaked as he opened the doors at the front. Hanging up inside were a range of spanking implements. There were wooden paddles of different shapes and sizes. Next to them, the leather straps, tawse and finally the canes. Made from various materials both natural and synthetic, they formed a formidable collection.

Rob selected a cane.

Casey had never been caned before. Paddled hard, whipped with his strap or tawse, but not the thin rod made famous by the public school system in bygone days.

“You’re going to find out why six of the best is all that is needed. Six whacks of this cane will equate to minutes of being spanked with my thickest paddle. It will leave neat welts across you bottom. Marks to remember your bad behaviour. After I have administered your punishment, you will stand in the corner, just like a naughty schoolgirl. Except, Casey, this is not fun. This is not playing. I am very disappointed in you. I thought you had improved your petulant attitude. Now I know why you failed in your previous job.”

His last words were a huge blow. Bigger in magnitude than the cane he was about to wield. Rob had prised apart her weakness and that was her mouth, which detached itself from her brain, and spoke without care and attention to those she was addressing.

Her parents never smacked her when she cursed them. Even her granny had only ever glared at her when she became sassy. Nobody had managed to find a way to curtail her blabbering tongue and its tendency to speak before engaging her rational mind. Rob would not show her leniency: her wayward behaviour would be tamed by him regardless.

While Casey’s legs trembled, her skirt was lifted up and folded away from her waist, exposing her bottom. The tiny thong was left in place. The cane would land on her naked buttocks and regrettably he would not show interest with what lay between her cheeks.

Casey expected a whoosh as she heard his practise swings. She felt the tapping as he measured the distance and location of his target. What she did not anticipate was the pain.

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