An impromptu encounter

What does a modern day knight in shining armour look like?  No armour, or mounted steed, no sword in hand or grand title.  Nowadays, how does one recognise the man who will come and rescue you from yourself?

shining armour

He probably has to catch your eye. Maybe he has a rugged edge to him or it is the way he speaks.  Perhaps he simply has an air of confidence, something to tell you this is a man you can trust, who could help turn your life around.

I like to think it could all start by accident.  A simple impromptu conversation which sets in motion a sequence of events. They meet, they talk and then……

He starts to see her potential.  What might be the future given the right circumstances and guidance.  A few lessons, some improvised, some concocted.

“I need a Personal Assistant,” announced the man. “Let me introduce myself. My name is Robert Tolchard and I am a professor of law.  I write books.”

“Really,” said Casey with a broad grin.

“Law books.”

Casey deflated slightly. She held out her hand and introduced herself and they shook. “A Personal Assistant?”

“Yes. To help me with my work. Organising, correspondence and I travel too. I would need somebody to be in my house, assisting me. Are you interested?”

Casey could not believe what she was hearing. A job interview on a park bench and she had just confessed to being useless at her last job. She asked him why. Why after telling him she had been rude and unhelpful to her customers!

Mr Tolchard smiled. “You’re sitting here crying. I think you feel bad that you didn’t do a good job. Sometimes, when we’re disappointed with ourselves, it is the best time to start a fresh and try really hard to be a better person.”

Casey thought very hard about what he had told her and asked if they could meet again somewhere more appropriate when she was not covered in drying tears and holding a snotty handkerchief. He smiled again and agreed. The next meeting took place at his house a week later.

Taught to Serve

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  1. I’ve just found your blog 🙂 Wonderful snippet, he does sound exactly what she needs 🙂


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