My new book, Taught to Serve, has a strong spanking theme – both for discipline and pleasure, but it is also a love story.

Waiting for a lover to join you in bed is something which can be magical… the anticipation and excitement… not knowing their intentions.  A little bit of teasing perhaps or some seduction in the offering.The moments before lovers are together can almost be unbearable.


She had to watch him strip – slowly and painstakingly. He sorted his clothes: those to be laundered and then the dress suit returned to its location in the closet. His pedantic nature both infuriated and endeared him to her.


Ambling to the bed, Rob picked up the blindfold from the bedside table where she had left it. Swinging the soft velvet around, he dangled it over her body. She let out a sound. Not quite a whimper, more of a feverish noise of desperation. Casey lifted her head off the pillow to allow Rob to bind it around her eyes. Cast into pitch-blackness, she could hear the springs of the bed shift beneath her. Her body tensed as she wondered where he would make contact. A nibble on her breasts, a lick of her navel or a squeeze of the thighs?

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