Confessing to a fantasy

It can be so hard to describe the naughty things locked inside your mind. What will happen if you tell?  The flushed skin, flitting eyes and thumping heart – dare you look the other in the eyes when you say the words?

Until they are confessed, they will never come to true.  With the right person the courage can be found to open up and then  – will they stay as fantasies or become real?

Another little snippet from Taught to Serve.  Rob is waiting for Casey to join him bed…..

The brush was laid down on the glazed surface of the mahogany table. Casey paused, and under her long eyelashes, glanced up at Rob. There in the reflection, he remained fixed on her actions. Inhaling deeply, Casey rose and turned to face him. About her she wore an ivory satin robe, and it shimmered in the lights. A gift from Rob following their first bedroom encounter. The smooth fabric glided between her fingers as she began to peel back the gown from her shoulders. It was all that was required as the remaining length slipped onto the floor, revealing her nudity.

Slipping under the sheet, she lay on her side, facing Rob. Eyes met, and her skin prickled with goose bumps.

“Tell me again, Casey, what are your dreams?” asked Rob softly.

Casey recounted once more the fantasy she had revealed one night after he had brought her to an ardent conclusion. Her voice quivered, and her heart pounded as she answered him.

“To be objectified,” she said, trying hard to hide her embarrassment.

Rob smiled at her. “And?”

“Please you with my body.”

“And? You said something else,” he corrected her.

Her voice squeaked like a tiny mouse. “Be touched by others.”

Rob grinned. “I do love your little fantasies.”

Do Casey’s fantasies come to life?   Something I’m not revealing here.


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