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OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseThere was a comment on my last Saturday Spanking post that eight sentences was too short.  This week’s post picks up from where that one left off – Casey and her attempts at serving her boss a cup of tea – and no sentence limit this week, isn’t that good thing.


Casey paused, a minute hesitation. She saw him push the chair back, the upright position he had sat himself in and the space he had created before his legs. Nervously she walked around the desk and stood next to him.

“Over my lap, Casey,” he said tapping his thigh.

“Why, sir?” She was alarmed, she had not done anything wrong surely?

“Casey!” his voice lifted, raised to the next level. She responded and lowered herself over his lap. A hand lifted up the hem of her short floral dress and lay it on her back. The same hand lowered her white knickers down to her thighs. The same hand rested on her warm buttock cheeks and waited.

“You need to listen to what I say, Casey. Think hard about what is important in what I am saying to you. You do not argue with me.”

Casey did not think she was arguing. Two cups of tea—well, a mug and a cup were tea, weren’t they? The last one did look disgusting, she confessed. Did that warrant a spanking?

She was jolted from her thoughts by a hard, firm smack of his hand.


Unfair, she commiserated with herself.

“Ow!” she blurted out as he struck again.

The carpet was close to her face, worn and threadbare in places. It reminded her of her granny’s little flat in her sheltered accommodation. Granny liked tea. As he spanked she thought about her granny. The rambling conversations. No, not conversations—monologues of speech. Darting here and there in subject matter, across decades and back again. Casey had always found visiting her granny tedious and uneventful.

A smack of different dimensions landed on her reddening behind.

“Sir!” she wailed. It was a wooden ruler, thick and a foot long. It landed perfectly placed between her buttocks and thighs. Sucking in air, she jiggled her ankles like a flipper. A firm hand held her in place about her waist, keeping her secure on his lap. To feel safe in the midst of a spanking reminded Casey how unusual life had become in recent weeks. The ruler jolted the breath out of her lungs.

“Think about why you are here, Casey, what is different, how things should be different.”

Her mind screamed—what did he mean? He was teaching her, she understood, to be a better person. Not the brat, which her mother called her. Not the lazy good for nothing, which her father called her. Not the bright, disinterested student, which her professors called her. She wanted to be useful and liked. Disciplined and tamed.

The strategically placed lines of pain made her grunt with each blow until she thought she could not bear it any longer. With each whack of the ruler, she shifted her mind away from her infuriating thoughts. Then she shut her eyes tight.

Her granny smiled at her a lot and called her a good girl. In her pokey little kitchen, granny made Casey tea every time she visited. Then Casey recollected exactly how granny made tea, and it finally sunk in what she had to do.

“I’m sorry, sir. I’ll try harder for you!” she whimpered.


Oh, I think you can guess what happens next!

Next week something different.

Taught to Serve

Though she is both beautiful and intelligent, Casey has bounced from one job to another as a result of her failure to truly apply herself. As she sits on a park bench crying after yet another dismissal, things show no sign of changing anytime soon… until a passing stranger sees the tears in her eyes and comes to her rescue. The handsome, smartly dressed man by the name of Robert informs her that he is in need of a personal assistant and she might be a good fit.

Casey soon learns that her new boss will be a demanding one, and insufficient attention to detail will earn her a trip over his knee for a bare bottom spanking. To her surprise, Rob’s firm discipline only increases her attraction to him, and their relationship quickly grows into a passionate romance. She finds that Rob can be just as firm a boyfriend as he is a boss, but even as he teaches her to submit to him completely he also shows her pleasure—and love—beyond anything she has known before.


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  1. Hi Jaye,

    wonderful snippet. I too really liked her thoughts during the spanking. Sorry I haven’t been a regular visitor. For some reason your blog disappeared from my blog roll!


    • blogger has been tetchy over the last few days, eating comments, refusing to update….
      Nobody gets spanked in a vacuum of thoughts, something drifts through the head 🙂

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