Satspanks – Taming Rapunzel

I have written a few fairy tales. I blame Disney. They create these films which kind of lend themselves to the fantasy world of spanking. Since Princesses have gained more attitude and independence, it just means the Prince has to work harder.

This snippet is from Rapunzel’s Hairbrush.  Prince Charming has just climbed up the enormous tower and things are not going as he expected when faced with a rather difficult Rapunzel.


rapunzel“I climbed up these grim walls for you and you can leave any time!”

“Naturally, good grief, you don’t suppose somebody could live up here all alone with no friends. I have to shop for food and clothes and meet my friends.”

“Friends!” He was becoming increasingly exasperated.

“Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty – well napping beauty we call her and not forgetting Snow White. It’s very tedious lying in a glass coffin waiting for you to turn up.”

“I’ve been busy.  I spent a few years stuck as a beast, then a frog and finding this bloody tower for you. I can’t believe you’ve been sat about doing nothing.”

“What’s the point of a good rescue if you’re not here to be rescued. You’re not much of a Prince Charming are you? Prince ‘I can’t be bothered’ would sum you up. It’s hard work sitting around here, looking at the sky, talking to the birds and dealing with wicked step-mothers.” She started to pull on a shoe.

“Oh no, you’re not going anywhere young lady. It’s time you were taught a lesson,” said Prince Charming.

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33 thoughts on “Satspanks – Taming Rapunzel”

  1. LOL, I love it that he climbed up this enormous tower just to get attitude. LOL NIce!! It’s great when the heroine agitates the hero:) Good job!

    • I do feel sorry for the prince. At least he didn’t get hit over the head with a frying pan like in Tangled. That would definitely have gotten her into more trouble.

  2. I love fractured fairy tales, and having the Prince (he’s always named Charming, isn’t he) use her hairbrush for a little long-needed discipline is perfect. I love his exasperation thinking he was rescuing a damsel in distress, only to discover she can leave anytime he wants. Yup. Nothing like a little pissed-off prince to get the blood flowing into the nether regions of a lady’s body. Great snippet, Jaye. I loved her sauciness.

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