Satspanks – A Beastly Spanking.

Hello and welcome to another Saturday Spankings!

Following on from last weeks fairy tale theme, I’ve split my 8 sentences across two stories.

The first is a little snippet from a new short story under my Fairy Tales Retold section of the sidebar : A Beastly Spanking.

Belle has run off to be with her father having promised to stay with the beast.  She returns and the beast decides to remind her of her obligations.


belle and beastLeaning on the chest, her feet kicked back when he spanked each cheek of her bottom in turn.

Then he stopped and she breathed a sigh of relief, the pain was bearable and would dissipate quickly. Moving to stand up, his hand pushed her back down.

“Oh no, Belle, that spanking was to warm your tender bottom. Now it is ready for me to begin properly.”


The second is from The Glass Slipper and the Cane – poor Cinders has had a hard time with her wicked step-mother and has been caned for disobedience.  Now, she has caught the attention of the prince at his ball and he wants a private inspection.


cinderella“Most delicate, your ankles are quite slender,” he admired. “Higher, to your knees.”

The skirt rose up higher and she was required to gather up the petticoats in her trembling hands.  Never before had a man seen her legs in such an exposed fashion.

“Higher still,” he said softly.





36 thoughts on “Satspanks – A Beastly Spanking.”

  1. I’m truly amazed by how wonderfully you worked two, mouth watering little snippets into the 8 sentence rule. I wonder what her reaction is to hearing the Beast is only getting started.
    I can only imagine Cinders humiliation to hiking her skirts up in front of the Prince.
    Great little tease you are Jaye and with so very few words. YUM!

  2. I remember now why I loved fairy stories so much as a child. Sounds like Belle’s in for a fun evening

  3. Poor Belle. I thought the Beast let her go back to her father. Guess not, if he’s spanking her for going. Love both the snippets, Jaye. Looking forward to reading more.

    • In the original story she goes home and then sees the beast lying in the snow using a mirror. I altered it a little, so she does go but without telling the beast.
      I’ve now ‘corrupted’ the Princess and the Pea 🙂

  4. Sorry I am late to this Jaye, for some reason some of your posts are taking a while to show on my reading list.

    Loved both of these and your take on the old classic fairy tales. Poor Belle … just when you think it’s over!


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