Short on word count, long on fun

Between writing novels, I dip into writing short stories.  Some bonus stories for the Trust Me books, others are one off moments of fancy. You might notice I have a thing for interfering with fairy tales, giving them a little twist and nudge to accommodate a bit of spanking.

I’ve added another to my Fairy Tales Retold collection and added a few others under short stories.

princess and pea 2Princess and the Bed – what happens when the princess refuses to sleep on the bed piled high with mattresses? How will the prince find his true princess?

coffee tableOn the Coffee Table – Charlotta arrives home from work to find she is not alone in her apartment and the spotlight is on the coffee table.

after eightsAfter Dinner Mints and a Spanking – She teases him with a chocolate, sucking the mint out of the middle, licking her lips. He reminds her she shouldn’t tease him by taking her over his lap.

ferrariDriving the Ferrari – two friends, married to brothers, take out the new Ferrari for a spin. Only one should be doing the driving – so when the other is seen driving, the brothers decide to spank both of them, at the same time.

I’ve run out of fairy tales, suggestions welcome 🙂

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