Saturday Spankings – Out in the woods

This week I’ve picked a passage from Trust Me to Own You.

The idea of being spanked outside, in the open air and the risk of being spied upon, can add an extra thrill or maybe it might humiliate further.

Submissive wife Gemma has had a tough week finding out about her limits while on vacation with her husband in New York.  Taking a break from the city, they head out in the mountains and take a walk in the woods.   She has always fantasized about sex outdoors, but her husband won’t do it, however, he might accommodate another wish of hers.

In this snippet a handy stem of fern is the implement.

(I know it is more than 8 sentences, but they’re itsy bitsy in length.)


Gemma’s heart was pounding as her jeans returned to their place around her ankles.  She shut her eyes, she shivered. It was not cold, she was quivering with anticipation.  The fern brushed against bottom.

“Ask,” he said softly.

“Please, sir.”

“Ask again.” His lips were practically touching her ear lobe.

“Please, master,” she said.

“It will hurt,” he warned her, “like the whip.”

“I want it.  I need it,” she said firmly.


“I don’t know,” she confessed.  “I didn’t get humiliation yesterday. I’ve got it today. Yesterday I felt worthless, today I feel vulnerable and totally in your hands.” The fern continued to tickle her skin.

“Then have what you want, babe.” He drew back the fern and brought it crashing down against her bottom.


TrustMeMarried to millionaire Jason Lucas, Gemma has to learn to be a dutiful wife.  A grand garden party looms and Gemma is tasked with organising it. She must also deal with problematic domestic issues and her husband is not pleased with her efforts. At the weekends, sinking to her knees before Jason, Gemma finds relief as his submissive lover.

However, she is still haunted by her traumatic past and struggles to be what he desires. In a moment of foolishness, Gemma makes an error of judgement; an act she comes to regret and she must face the consequences.

Jason married for love, but will he be able to foster romantic graces for his wife? His passion to be her Dominant remains strong. Determined to prevent his wife from succumbing to further traumas and to aid her recovery, he has an idea: take her abroad to New York and asks her to submit to a week of escapism involving 24/7 domination and submission, bondage and kinky sex. Will she agree to trust him and will she survive his style of domination for the duration?

Most importantly – will their love survive?

34 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings – Out in the woods”

    • I’ve been hit with steam of a fern before, Cara. Although, not in such a hot setting as Jaye has provided here. Having experienced the lash on my rear bare upper thigh, I can honestly say… It Hurts! The fern might look pretty, and innocent, but it indeed has a ‘bite’.

  1. I love this title.
    His idea to take her away for a week and live out a 24/7 D/s setting is awesome. I just get the feeling this couple will learn a lot about each other by the end of the week.
    I also love his implement of choice!

    • They live the 24/7 D/s at weekends or during vacations, like many couples they are too busy during the week to learn about each other. I’ve lined another book to be published when he takes her on a three week cruise on the Med. So much more to learn about each other 🙂

    • Outdoors is so much fun – do they get interrupted or not?! Honesty is critical in D/s, if she isn’t having fun, he needs to know, but that doesn’t necessary mean he will stop things.

  2. Very nice Jaye, I love the outdoor setting and implement .. interesting and I imagine very stingy! Love the interaction between them and her response.


  3. That’s just right, yesterday she got no humiliation and felt worthless, today she got it and felt vulnerable. Vulnerable is giving and submissive. Lovely snippet.

  4. I really like their dynamics together. He knows what she needs and is willing to provide it – at least to some extent. Every man does have his limits, and sex outdoors could well be his.

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