Saturday Spankings – a game of pool

Saturday Spankings has had its limits lifted from 8 sentences to 2000 words. I decided I would take the opportunity to have an excerpt from the third book in the Trust Me series – Trust Me to Keep You.

Gemma and her Dominant husband Jason have visitors: John, Gemma’s brother, and his girlfriend, Andrea. The couple have just discovered that Gemma and Jason are in an unusual relationship. Unsure of the true nature of the dynamic, John has been concerned for his sister’s safety.  Following a tense evening of revelations, Jason is keen to lighten the mood before the visitors depart. He invites them to a game of pool – his own special version of the game.

Andrea is not convinced she will like the game.


Resigned to playing pool on a billiard table, Andrea took the cue from John’s hands and watched Gemma stop in her tracks. Gemma could see what Jason had placed on the top of the games cupboard: two foot long wooden rulers.

“What are they for, Jason?” asked Andrea having spied the rulers.

“Some fun.  A competition between you girls. We’ll help you. I’m sure John can think of an incentive for you to win.  These,” he picked up a ruler, “are the stick to keep you on your toes.  What do you think, John?  Will Andrea need a bit of stimulation to help her concentrate?”

Andrea was not sure what Jason meant at first until Jason slapped a ruler across the palm of his hand.

“We need both girls to agree first.” Jason looked at Gemma with expectancy.

“Sounds good to me. Go on, Andrea,” she cajoled.

“I’m crap at pool.” Andrea was reticent for obvious reasons.

“Me too.”

Andrea suspected that was a lie. Gemma surely frequented the pool table regularly with Jason. Andrea looked at John and he shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ll be gentle, Andrea. It’s a silliness, come on.  Jason and I will probably pot them all anyway.”

“Alright,” smiled Andrea. The idea seemed to be a bit of frivolity.

Jason handed a ruler to John and racked the balls up on the baize cloth.  With a toss of the coin, Jason won the first go and split the balls about the table without potting any of them.   John was next up and he smothered his cue in chalk.  He would want the macho achievement of wiping the table clean. However, Andrea was intrigued to see what he did if she should miss a ball.  He missed his pot and blamed the lack of practice, which Andrea doubted, he played at the local pub with his mates.

Gemma was next and she bent over wiggling her bum deliberately in close proximity to her husband.

She missed wildly and giggled a, “whoops!”

With ease, Jason backhanded her bottom with a mellow swipe of the ruler before she could rise up. She let out a small acknowledging, “ouch!”

“You can do better, Gemma,” Jason badgered her with a grin.

Andrea tried very hard to make her pot and the ball bounced around the hole before stopping on the brink. Everyone groaned in sympathy.  John stepped forward and gave his girlfriend a tiny slap with his ruler.  Andrea blinked – she had hardly felt it.

“I think John is being too kind to you, Andrea,” Jason rebuked John’s effort as cursory.

Jason potted a red and then missed the next, with a rebound back up the table.  John did not miss again and managed to drop a yellow down a middle pocket, but then lost the cue ball in another.  Gemma was up next and took advantage of being able to position the cue ball close to a red.  She potted it with ease.  Turning around gleefully, she found Jason poised ready to pounce on her mouth.


Kissing remained something that never ceased to amaze Gemma. How, after all their time together, Jason could provoke such heat in her body simply from placing his lips against hers. His head would tilt to one side, hers too in the opposite direction. Lowering his head, she would raise hers upwards to meet him. He preferred her to open her mouth, enabling him to flick his tongue inside her. Not far and not for long – it was a reminder of his ability to tease and torment without providing satisfaction. She loved the warm moisture, his sweet taste and clean teeth. The man was immaculate in his oral hygiene, the same fastidious approach to maintaining and grooming his whole body. Sometimes he would bite a lip as he sucked her mouth against his. A small moment of captivity and she would hold her breath as he drew back, keeping her there until his teeth released her tender flesh.

The effect on her being could be tremendous and visceral. Jason would feel the heartbeats, see the pulse in her neck and the glow course about her as he held her tight to his chest. He would taste the honey in her mouth from her breakfast. The smell of strawberries in her hair and the perfume she dabbed on her bosom after her shower. Owning her for a few seconds of rapturous passion would thrill him and he never lost the ability to win her over with his keenness. His cock twitched against her thigh, just as her moist pussy clenched. A moment of sexual awakening dawned upon them both and it forced him to break away from her. Later, he would take Gemma in her entirety.

“Well done, babe. Now the next red.”

Gemma looked at the table. The red balls all looked to be snookered behind yellow ones. She fouled her shot hitting a yellow.

“Oh dear,” said Jason from behind her as she remained bent over for his next swipe with the ruler.  The swing of his arm was greater and made her flinch slightly with genuine discomfort.

Andrea’s initial reserve had lifted and she appeared to be enjoying herself.  As if to test a theory, she missed an easy yellow in the corner pocket.  John took aim and hit her bottom more firmly and she jumped with surprise. When John gave her bottom a gentle rub, she blushed crimson to match her red hair.

John smiled: Gemma was relieved to see he was starting to see the fun side to the game. Next up was Jason. He took down another red then a miss.

“What! Doesn’t Jason get a swat from you, Gemma?” said Andrea teasing.

“Oh gosh, no switching here, strictly forbidden,” joked Gemma, the kinky terminology was lost on their guests.

John could not hide his competitive streak and potted two yellows in succession to even out the score to three apiece.

Gemma missed spectacularly with her next go. She was being deliberately poor to give Andrea a chance.  Jason would want to show to John how receptive Gemma was to being spanked.  The ruler landed with a resounding whack across both cheeks.  She did not cry out or move. The blow was harder but in spite of the force behind it, she received the smack with grace. Gemma murmured her words of gratitude, welcoming the admonishment, sufficiently loud enough for Andrea to hear.

Gemma stood up and moved to stand next to Jason, her face was calm and unconcerned. Underneath the façade, her heart was pounding fast. She wanted more than one smack of the ruler. Her own limitations were nowhere near breached by the little game. What she wanted was impossible. It would not be acceptable to be stripped of her clothing, paraded around butt naked and given dozens of blows across her bottom. The sadist and his masochist were not allowed out to play.

Jason put his arm round her, sensing her frustration. “Try harder, darling,” he said matter-of-factly.

Andrea potted her very easy yellow and jumped up and down with joy.  John made sure he gave her a kiss to compete with Jason’s.  Another red was potted by Jason and then he missed.  John repeated the same pattern and kept the yellows in the lead.

Gemma managed to sink a red in a corner pocket in retaliation and received one of Jason’s seductive kisses.  It was long and literally a tongue teaser.  He held her tongue between his teeth and kept his eyes firmly on hers.  She did not move her tongue until he had finished his nibble of her.  None of his actions was apparent to the other two.  He had wanted Gemma to miss. She got the message and covered her sore mouth with her hand.

Andrea missed with a sigh of frustration and John slapped her bottom with a moderate blow, though not the equivalent force of Jason’s last blow.  Jason then potted and John missed.  One red to go and then the black.  Gemma’s go came around again.  Gemma failed to pot the red hanging at the entrance of a pocket and she groaned with exaggeration.  She braced herself this time by holding the edge of the wooden rail. Jason raised his arm higher and the noise it made hitting her resonated round the room.  Nothing from her mouth, but she took longer to stand up this time.  However, there were no tears in her eyes. Gemma was trying to stifle a laugh.

Gemma whispered into Jason ear. “Better?”

He pulled her head back by her ponytail and hissed back at her. “Much.”

The penny dropped. The visiting couple had seen through the façade of the spanking. The pool game was Jason’s way of showing what Gemma and Jason were doing was what Gemma desired and willingly did for her husband.  It demonstrated on a small scale what their relationship was about on a grander level.  They played, she submitted to please him and he rewarded her when she obeyed him.  There was no malice or vindictiveness.  It seemed simple when demonstrated through a game of pool. However, the games they typically played were more complicated and affecting compared to the trifle of a pool game.  Gemma could not tell if her brother understood the subtle message of their game.


TrustmetokeepyouGemma Lucas, while continuing to explore her submission to Jason Lucas, deals with ignorant relatives and unsavoury harassers. His love means unceasingly shaping her life through domination and kinky sex. Their lives are intertwined, but will family revelations rip them apart? The dynamics of domination and submission, which defines their secret relationship, are about to be put to the test.

With each passing month, the couple find new ways to explore their love for each other and Jason takes increasing control of his wife’s life. Jason’s methods are experienced first-hand by his employees while Gemma makes new friends at a clandestine club. Secrets unravel as Gemma discovers things she did not know about her elusive husband. Her friends notice their habits, their families are inquisitive and one overheard sentence triggers a cascade of images that Gemma can no longer suppress.

Painful memories re-emerge and she can no longer contain the recollections.  Facing the truth about her past, will Jason help her overcome her fears?


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  1. Pool just got a bit more interesting. It’s only a matter of time before someone lands one in the pocket, if you catch my meaning.
    Very well-written passage. Loved it.

  2. I like the way they “showed” the other couple exactly what they were about. This is consensual, and Gemma enjoys both pleasing her husband and submitting to him. Nicely done.

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