Monday Morsel – A Request

The beginning of the week and it needs a little boot start. I’m offering up a morsel of one of my books – A Monday Morsel. This one is from Taught to Serve and Casey has been taken out to dinner by Rob.  So far the meal is progressing well until Rob springs a question on her…..


“What would you say if I told you I want you to come for me here and now?” Rob suddenly said.

Casey giggled. “Oh like that film, you know, with Meg what’s-her-name.”

“Except she faked hers. I don’t want you to fake yours,” said Rob quietly, leaning forward to catch Casey’s eye.

She went pink and leaned towards him. “You’ve got to be kidding. I mean… why, and you know I’m not exactly quiet. I could beat Meg what’s-her-name hands down for noise.”

“Why? Because I want you to, and it would be lovely to see your appreciation of me.”

“Rob, don’t be silly. I mean… I’m not that, you know, hot for it.”

“Aren’t you?”

“No,” she said sheepishly.

“So if I stuck my fingers between your legs, you would be dry as a bone?” he teased, and his fingers crawled over her thigh like a spider.

“Please!” she hissed and dropped her spoon on the plate with a clang.

“Apart please, Casey,” he said with an expectant look.

Casey’s heart went ballistic with racing beats, and her legs froze. Rob stared at her expectantly, and his dark eyes were irresistible, calling for her obedience as the other diners continued their own private conversations. The restaurant was small, and there were perhaps less than two dozen people seated about the room—couples and small groups of three or four, made up of various ages. They did not appear to have any interest in Casey and Rob.

“Casey, do you want to be spanked?” he said into her ear.

“Now you are winding me up,” she said.

“Am I?” he asked softly.

A romantic story of spankings and erotic sex – set in the English countryside – and a young woman in need of a little discipline…..


Though she is both beautiful and intelligent, Casey has bounced from one job to another as a result of her failure to truly apply herself. As she sits on a park bench crying after yet another dismissal, things show no sign of changing anytime soon… until a passing stranger sees the tears in her eyes and comes to her rescue. The handsome, smartly dressed man by the name of Robert informs her that he is in need of a personal assistant and she might be a good fit.

Casey soon learns that her new boss will be a demanding one, and insufficient attention to detail will earn her a trip over his knee for a bare bottom spanking. To her surprise, Rob’s firm discipline only increases her attraction to him, and their relationship quickly grows into a passionate romance. She finds that Rob can be just as firm a boyfriend as he is a boss, but even as he teaches her to submit to him completely he also shows her pleasure—and love—beyond anything she has known before.

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  1. Ooh, this was fantastic. Very hot! Nice way to warm up the day 🙂 Thank you for sharing this snippet Jaye 🙂


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