Thursday's Good Read – Humbled

I’m quite partial to a historical novel. Medieval and Renaissance are two of my favourite periods, as is Victorian seen through eyes of writers such as Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens. I especially like Dicken’s Tale of Two Cities. Set during the French Revolution, not Dicken’s usual time period,  it is a story of self-sacrifice at a time of social upheaval.

humbled_full (2)Which brings me to Renee Rose’s spanking romance Humbled.  It is also set during the start of the French Revolution when society’s structures are suddenly turned on their head. The wealthy and influential aristocracy lose all their status and money virtually overnight and the poor….. well they may not become rich but they are given opportunities. This social switch plays out beautifully in Humbled as Corinne, the aristocratic heroine, loses everything and must flee the country. In steps Jean-Claude, whom she once saved from the gallows, who now as a debt to repay.

There is plenty to keep the pages turning in this book. Corinne is unaccustomed to being told what to do by a mere blacksmith and he resorts to spanking her to make her see the danger they are in.  This develops into a wonderful relationship as the two gradually realise they have to work together to survive. A trip overseas to a new land with great opportunities means they have to revisit the social classes they come from and where it will take them in the future. I liked the way each of the characters becomes interdependent on each other while still finding love.

There are plenty of spankings, mostly using improvised implements, which adds a sparkle to the scenes and the sex is what I would expect from the steamy hands of Renee – yummy.

I pretty much read this book in two sittings, in fact my cup of tea went cold as a read the last few chapters.  That I thinks rates it as a jolly good read. Thank you Renee.

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  1. Wonderful review Jaye, thank you for sharing. I have enjoyed the snippets I have read and will definitely have to add this to my reading list.


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