Monday Morsel – Preparations for a Cruise

I’m really hoping Spring is around the corner.  With the new season comes renewal and I’m hoping to rekindle the story of Jason and Gemma in a new trilogy. The first book tells of a cruise across the breadth of the Mediterranean Sea on a luxury yacht. Jason and his wife will have three weeks to explore the boundaries of their D/s relationship and perhaps take them further than ever before.

SublimeHaving arrived on the yacht, still moored in the marina, Jason has been showing his wife around. Ending their tour on the sundeck and resting on a large lounger, under a canopy, Gemma can’t contain her delight at what she has seen and what she envisages for the coming weeks….


“This is a fuck pad for you isn’t, Jason?” she blurted out unable to contain herself. “The canopy, the seclusion.”

“We’re not exactly overlooked up here, Gem, once we’re at sea anyway.  Yes, the canopy provides shelter from the sun. But, you’ve guessed. An innocuous arrangement to a charter guest, not to us – the support poles come in very useful.  Speaking of the sun. Make sure you use plenty of sun lotion. On this deck, you bathe nude. I don’t want any of those white strap marks or a pale arse on you.  Nice and even all over.  Don’t overdo it though,” he said slapping her bottom as she lounged on her belly. “I don’t want a bronze goddess, a golden tan will do.”

“Do I get a bronze god?” she sniggered.

“You’ll get what you’re given. As usual,” he replied with another hard slap.

She did not mind.  At that moment, there was only one thing on her mind: sex.  Driven by her insatiable libido, she was soaked below. Uncomfortable in her long shorts, she crossed her legs to give herself relief and lay her head on her arms.  She would have to wait until they were at sea before they could use the lounger.  Behind her back the bustle and noise of the marina was very apparent.  They were not that alone.

Jason prodded her. “Let’s get below before we turn into a peep show.”

She agreed and they returned to the stateroom to unpack their possessions.  While Gemma broke the ice with Maria by discussing matching outfits and garments, Jason showed Enrique the contents of one holdall.

Enrique grinned at the collection. “A fine selection,” he commented, “and the rope is a good quality. Not that I expect you to use anything else.” He ran his hand down the fibres.

“Find a home for this lot, Enrique. A locked drawer. I don’t want my wife to know what I have in store for her.  She doesn’t like surprises.” Jason patted Enrique on the back.

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  1. Ooh, wonderful tease Jaye, this sounds like a promising cruise! I definitely want to hear more!


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