Saturday Spankings – Waiting

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A snippet from Trust Me to Keep You – the third of the Trust Me series.

Though the Gemma and Jason keep their D/s mainly to the bedroom or fixed times, they are innate in their desires to be Dominant and submissive. It seeps into their daily lives and gradually influences their marriage.

Gemma has become lax in her housekeeping duties. Her husband Jason doesn’t like mess and she has already ignored two previous requests to tidy up. He decides to remind her of being obedient to him. Gemma is waiting for him to start, but nerves are hampering her.


Gemma was trembling. Jason could see her quaking with nerves and anticipation.  She knew the caning was going to be painful and was naturally fearful.

He leaned against the bedpost with the cane hidden behind his back. Below him, Gemma’s breaths were rapid and audible.

“Mouth and nose. Remember your breathing. I’m not going to start until you’ve calmed down,” he said.


Peering up from her pillow, Gemma gave him a tiny nod. She met his sharp gaze and focused on his handsome face. It helped steady her nerves. How could he stand with such a severe pose, yet have it bring out his most redeeming features of stature and strength? She adored him, even though he looked mean.



TrustmetokeepyouGemma Lucas, while continuing to explore her submission to Jason Lucas, deals with ignorant relatives and unsavoury harassers. His love means unceasingly shaping her life through domination and kinky sex. Their lives are intertwined, but will family revelations rip them apart? The dynamics of domination and submission, which defines their secret relationship, are about to be put to the test.

With each passing month, the couple find new ways to explore their love for each other and Jason takes increasing control of his wife’s life. Jason’s methods are experienced first-hand by his employees while Gemma makes new friends at a clandestine club. Secrets unravel as Gemma discovers things she did not know about her elusive husband. Her friends notice their habits, their families are inquisitive and one overheard sentence triggers a cascade of images that Gemma can no longer suppress.

Painful memories re-emerge and she can no longer contain the recollections.  Facing the truth about her past, will Jason help her overcome her fears?

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