Monday Morsel – Plotting

Monday-Morsel-You-can-goThis morsel continues from last week’s and comes from my current WIP, we’re still aboard the luxury yacht Sublime, cruising the southern coast of Spain and Jason is scheming. Having instructed Gemma to head below to their sumptuous stateroom, she plays a little hard to get…


“I want to swim,” stated Gemma as they moved away from the Spanish coast towards Africa.

Jason put down the binoculars. “That should be: may I go for a swim and no, you may not. You can go below and take off your clothes. Wait for me in my stateroom in a suitable pose, something which will please me – I have expectations.”

He changed the inflection in his voice – it was easy to do – as if he had triggered an internal switch within him.  Her backgammon buddy and tour guide had gone: her master had returned.

Gemma hesitated. He would not tolerate a deliberately protracted pause.  The gap was long enough for him to fold his arms across his chest and give her a hard blue stare.  He did not know why she risked annoying him. The wind caught the hem of her dress and her firm breasts lifted as she inhaled.

While she had explained the rules of backgammon, he had listened attentively and given her a smile of appreciation.  Since he had beaten her at that game, he had wanted her beneath him playing another.

She was gorgeous today, in a skimpy summer dress, bra-less, and hair flowing loosely in the breeze.  Her skin was slowly tanning even after one day and her green eyes were dazzling.  When she had bent over to pick up the instruction sheet, which had blown off the table, her breasts hung down as she reached for the piece of paper.  Jason had plans for those delightful mammary glands.  In the evening, off the coast of Africa, he would surprise her.

As they had sailed passed the Rock, his own hardness had become rock-like.  Standing behind her, as she had leaned over the railing watching the waves below, he had wanted to lift her dress and penetrate her flesh there and then. However, he had promised to show her the best sights and he had to wait for them to pass Gibraltar.

Now, the sightseeing opportunity was over and the afternoon drawing to a close.  Since the first time they had boarded the Sublime, he intended to play with her fully.

He moved a fraction towards her and the seconds of hesitation were over, she left and headed down to stateroom.



Three weeks cruising the Mediterranean Sea in a luxury yacht with her husband takes submissive Gemma into an opulent world that she never could have envisaged before she met Jason Lucas.

A voyage that takes them to locations across Southern Europe and opens up new arenas of kinky sex for Gemma as her Dominant lover continues to educate her sexual being.

Unknown to the couple, several members of the crew are not who they appear to be. Both Gemma and Jason Lucas’s lives will be turned upside down by disclosures and Gemma’s submission to her Dominant will be tested.

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