Satspanks – Cruising for a spanking

OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseI’m busy, along with other WIPs,  writing the continuing story of Gemma and Jason, who I introduced in the Trust Me series. A new trilogy and it starts on board a luxury super yacht cruising the Mediterranean Sea for three weeks. A holiday where both couples explore their D/s relationship on the confines of the yacht in the middle of the sea.  Sometimes it is intense and pushes her limits, other times playful and lighthearted.

This snippet follows on from breakfast when Gemma has been a little cheeky with her husband.  He tells her to go for a massage, except when she arrives the masseuse is not there.


Taking a deep breath, Gemma entered the beauty treatment room and registered no surprise at seeing Jason sitting in the solitary chair and Maria absent.  Slipping out of her clothes, she was tempted to roll her eyes at him when he patted his lap. Her pussy clenched instantly as she lowered her hips over him. He adjusted her position, trailed a finger down the crack of her buttock cheeks and gave her bud a tickle. Gemma wriggled appreciatively. It was the gentle prelude and it ended with the first smack of his hand on her bottom.

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  1. As much as I love this and probably everything they’re about to do, I hope she gets her massage at some point. 🙂

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