Monday Morsel – Strangers

What of that fantasy, the one where strangers get to touch and play a little? Would it be as wonderful as the imagination craves, or would it be too daunting, scary and difficult to do?

Casey has such a fantasy: to be stretched out naked and played with by strange men. Nothing too extreme, it doesn’t have to be, she is nervous enough…. excited too.

Lying on the polished dining room table, she waits.


She could hear the door open and footsteps. The men, who had earlier watched her set the table blindfolded, were back. They had dined, and the efforts of the cook whom Rob had hired for the evening had been greatly appreciated. It was Casey’s turn again to entertain their guests. Her hands were to her sides, and her fingers clenched. Her big toes rested against each other so her thighs were close together. Never before had she felt so vulnerable and exposed.

“Here she is again, gentlemen, ready for us,” said Rob’s voice close by.

Casey wanted to speak, but she had been forbidden. To have Rob in such close proximity and not touching her was torment.

She felt a warm breath against her ear and then a few words spoken quietly to her. “Deep breaths, Casey, remember what we talked about.”

During her talking sessions, they had discussed obedience. How she should not question or resist him or his wishes. Her sanctuary was to know he was happy with her, and she should go to her place and remain focused on it and nothing else.

“Sir,” she whispered.

The voice in the ear had gone. “Quite the specimen, isn’t she?” said Rob, standing over Casey again.

“Can we touch?” asked another man’s voice, a clear, deep tone, which made Casey tremble.

“Naturally,” said Rob.




3 thoughts on “Monday Morsel – Strangers”

  1. Beautiful! In such a controlled by a Masterful person there ought not to be anything too scary- as some fear can also lend inspiration to play and sex. It all depends on her- and how much she trusts and desires.

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