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Hello and welcome to the virtual dungeon!  Hope you enjoy the read and stop by some other blogs too.

At the end of last week’s dungeon post, I hinted at this one. Dungeons are a luxury, easy to build in the world of fantasy, but most people who are into the BDSM scene have to make do without and many have long distance relationships to maintain. Meeting up is a challenge, keeping the connection going until the next date night. Telephones come in very useful (webcams too, but I’ll save that for another day).

Gemma is packing in her little flat. Life is moving forward and she is very excited. Perhaps a little too excited.

The mobile/cell trills, she nervously picks it up and there is her Dom on the other end. Is it going to be a quick chat, or maybe he is checking up on his sub, making sure she is behaving.


In the end I had chucked a lot of stuff. The bin bags lined the entrance hall. My apartment was starting to look like a hoarder’s den.  I settled back on my bed to relax and enjoy a small glass of white wine.  I savoured its dryness in my mouth as I chilled out.  My mobile started to ring, his ringtone, so I knew to answer quickly.

“Jason?” I asked cautiously.

“Gemma, just checking on my girl.”

I beamed at those words.

“How’s the sorting going?” he sounded cheerful.

“Slowly, I’m not being very decisive,” I said honestly. “Taking a break with a glass of the old vino.”

“Drinking while packing, um, not very wise,” he teased me.

“I’m not pissed,” I replied indignantly.

“I should hope not. I don’t know if you can control your urges while tipsy,” Jason’s voice had dropped and become husky with a formidable edge to it.

“Oh, sir, I wouldn’t dream of breaking your rules.” I shot up on my bed.

“What are you wearing?”

My insides were starting to do their somersault thing. He wanted to torment me over the phone.

“I’ve got a t-shirt on, that lacy pink bra you like and knickers…”  My voice trailed off.

“And?” Jason’s words were becoming softer and sensuous with each utterance.

“Well, that’s it, sir.” I almost whispered.  Nothing else, I had taken my jeans off earlier after spilling coffee on them.

“I see, so you’re prancing around in your underwear basically.”

“And t-shirt,” I quickly added.

There was a noticeable pause from Jason.  “Put the phone down and take them off,” his voice was delicious and I was becoming responsive to his tone.

Putting the phone, I took off my t-shirt, bra and undies. Picking up the phone, I put it to my ear.

“I’ve done that, sir,” I purred down the phone at him. “I’m lovely and naked, stretched out on the bed.”

“Take a photo with your phone and send it to me.”

Crikey, the seemingly mundane call was definitely rising in temperature.  I stretched my arm up and took a shot of my body stretched out for him. Fiddling with the buttons, I worked out how to send the photo as a text message.  The silence, while I waited for him to receive it, was endless.

“Good.  You look very sexy.  Now, using one finger I want to you touch yourself and tell me what you’re doing,” his voice was like treacle, dripping slowly down the phone to me.

I used my index finger and started to circle one of my nipples until it was rigid and stiff.  Just having him on the end of the phone I was on fire as if he was lying right next to me in bed.

“I’m playing with one of my nipples, sir,” I said in hushed tones.  I moved my finger down to my navel. “I’m moving my finger slowly down my body, caressing very gently.”

“Keep going, I like where you going with that finger.”

I was lying on my back squirming.  My finger reached my clitoris and I gave it a little rub, gently at first and then harder.

“I’m rubbing clit for you now, sir.”

Jason must be able to hear the arousal in my voice, because I was sure I heard him chuckle to himself. “Find some clothes pegs, one on each nipple. Go!”

I dashed out to the kitchen and found two pegs as asked and lying on the bed positioned them on each nipple. I made sure the phone was by my chin so he could hear my wincing.

“Done, sir. My nipples are pinched tight.”

“Spread your legs wide and put your finger inside and tell me what you find.”

Oh my! Phone sex was great, so kinky. I gently placed my index finger inside and I knew what I found.  I pushed my finger in as deep as it would go and hoped he would let me worked in and out.

“I’m very wet, sir, wet for you. I’m ready to fuck myself with my finger,” I panted at him with throbbing nipples.

“Good. I like to know you are always ready for me.”

I waited for his next instruction I wanted to come for him over the phone. The pause seemed like an eternity.

“Well, Gemma, you can take your finger out now. Pegs off, put your clothes back on and get back to packing.” Jason’s tone had changed, it had gone all boss like.

My somersaults stopped mid vault and I deflated like a punctured balloon. I let out an audible ouch as I removed the pegs.

Oooo nooo I was so close – unbearable!

“You’re not to come, remember my rules. I need to get back to work now, I have stuff to do,” he said matter-of-factly and hung up.

Arggghhh, my body was wound up tight for him and he had hung up.  The rejection felt wasteful and I was dejected. I lay there and dared myself – go on would he really know? I was not seeing him until the weekend, by then I would have rehearsed my lie – a little lie – and he would not suspect.


Will she, won’t she break his rules? Which is more exciting for a reader? Obedience or disobedience with consequences?



What happens when a kink loving young woman has to come to terms with a traumatic episode in her life? Does she give up her past? Can she trust again?

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4 thoughts on “Dungeon Crawl – On the Phone”

  1. Oh the audacity of him… to leave her just on the cusp.
    I’d let my fingers do a little walking too… not sure I’d get away with it, but I’d try. I hope Gemma does, I’m rooting for her.

  2. Great hot sexy snippet Jaye! gotta love phone sex 🙂 Poor Gemma being left on the brink like that. I hope she does carry on 🙂


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