Monday Morsel – Sweet talk

Today’s Monday Morsel is short and sweet….


dancingJason admired Gemma’s figure and acknowledged keeping his hands off her was proving to be a challenge for his self-control.  He was sorely tempted to skip the nightclub and rip her clothes off. He backed away from her as if she was baiting him – a mantrap with claws to grasp hold of him.  Clenching and unclenching his hands, he watched as her face began to open up into a smile. She understood the effect she was having on him, pushing his buttons just by strutting about in front of him. She wanted his self-control to crumble.

“I’m going to make that cunt wet,” he snarled at her and it only made her grin even more.

“Such sweet talk, sir,” she said rocking back on her heels. “All I’ve done is get dressed. What will you do when I start dancing?”





Married to millionaire Jason Lucas, Gemma has to learn to be a dutiful wife.  A grand garden party looms and Gemma is tasked with organising it. She must also deal with problematic domestic issues and her husband is not pleased with her efforts. At the weekends, sinking to her knees before Jason, Gemma finds relief as his submissive lover.

However, she is still haunted by her traumatic past and struggles to be what he desires. In a moment of foolishness, Gemma makes an error of judgement; an act she comes to regret and she must face the consequences.

Jason married for love, but will he be able to foster romantic graces for his wife? His passion to be her Dominant remains strong. Determined to prevent his wife from succumbing to further traumas and to aid her recovery, he has an idea: take her abroad to New York and asks her to submit to a week of escapism involving 24/7 domination and submission, bondage and kinky sex. Will she agree to trust him and will she survive his style of domination for the duration?

Most importantly – will their love survive?

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