Dungeon Crawl – Glowing

Welcome to this week’s crawl.  Today is about a gift, a present, and it has to be kinky, of course 🙂

When you have plenty of money, what do you give your wife for her birthday….  what do you give your submissive wife……

We’re back in the dungeon.  No ropes, whips or nipple clamps this time. This room has a big advantage over others – there are no windows.


“I have another present for you.”

Jason led her out of the kitchen and they headed to the locked door.  He turned the lights on and she stood in the middle of the room looking for a clue to his scene. She saw them easily. He was over by the chest of drawers and there on top were several squeezy bottles, garishly labelled and brightly coloured. He signalled for her to join him and stepping closer, she could read the labels.

“Day-Glo?” The bottles contained different coloured paints.

“Glow in the dark body paints.  Used by makeup artists in movies.” He squirted as small amount out on to his hand and then switched the light off.  The windowless room was pitch black, as there was no light penetrating from anywhere.  His hand glowed fluorescent yellow.  He moved it through the air and Gemma tracked it with her eyes. The light went back on and she blinked in the brightness.

“Take your clothes off, Gemma. I’m going to paint you and then we’re going to fuck,” he said with a grin.

Her heart went racy. The scene sounded like it was going to hot, sexy fun and a great birthday present.

“You too?” She wanted an equal playground.


Gemma lay naked on the bed and Jason brought the paints over.  He sat cross-legged next to her eyeing her up and down, finger tapping on his lips.

“Mmmm, eyes and lips.  I need to see them in the dark.” He outlined her eyes with his fingertip coated with green paint.  Her lips he painted fiery red.  Next, he took an interest in her breasts.  Using three colours, he made a bull’s eye target out of them with red for the nipples, yellow areola and the rest of the breasts orange.  The paints were cold and she giggled as he rubbed his finger around her bosom.  The foreplay was terribly erotic and she was awash with desire.  His face had a faint smile on it and she knew he was enjoying the preparation too.  With a comical look on his face, he painted a big arrow pointing down the belly towards her sex.

“In case I get lost,” he joked.

The thighs were ringed in green loops descending down to her ankles.

“Stand up so I can do your back.” With her standing next to the bed, he painted a swirl of colours on her back.

The buttocks were the next for treatment.  He painted thin stripes across them with all the colours. She had to laugh, it looked like an exotic rainbow, although she was sure he had other stripes in his mind.  To conclude the artistry, having left the arms untouched, he added a bright red circle to the backs of both of the hands.

“Let’s see how that works.” He went to the light switch and he plunged the room into darkness.

“Wow, Jason, I’m glowing,” Gemma looked down at her Day-Glo body.  She was very brightly coloured and the unpainted areas were invisible with blackness.  “Your turn,” she called out as she could not see him in the darkness.

“Alright, but not my feet.”

The light returned and he came over stripping himself as he moved.  Feet not to be touched? Gemma pursed her lips but did not query him.

“You’d best stand up. I don’t want to smudge my paint.”

Gemma walked around him. He had such a well-defined musculature. She had to be able to do something to highlight it.  Using different colours, she painted him anatomically. The outline of his biceps in red, showing the power he had in his arms.  The shoulder muscles and pectorals turned bright orange with the abdominal muscles and ribcage rippled in yellow.  The calves and thighs in blue.  His face was expressionless and did not flicker as she applied the paint. For his eyes, she painted a red mark under each one, like sportsmen do to protect against glare. Her last area of artistic coverage was his groin. She smiled and he frowned.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Baby, do you want paint on your insides?  I don’t know if it’s a good idea.”

Gemma laughed at his comment.  His erection had been growing rapidly as she painted him. He never had trouble being hard for her and keeping it hard.  In the end, she left his semi-erect cock alone.  Perhaps it made him more intimidating as she would not be able to see it in the darkness.

They moved the paints out of the way and he told her to kneel carefully on the bed.  She watched him walk towards the light switch.

“Shut your eyes.  Don’t open them until I tell you,” he instructed sternly.  Not an order to disobey.

day glo faceShe shut her eyes and tried hard not to touch the paint on the skin.  The room had descended into pitch blackness.

“Open your eyes,” and Gemma did.

Where the fuck is Jason?

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  1. My what a colorful excerpt you have this week Jaye. I adore when couples have such mischievous fun like this together.
    You left us with quite the little cliff hanger though…. where did Jason go? He must have been in the room if he told her to open her eyes, right?
    So why wasn’t he glowing with the paints she had just applied?

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