Satspanks – outdoors and OTK

I’ve returned to Taught to Serve for his week’s spanking snippet and since it is spring time, it is time to be outside.

Does it sound thrilling – the idea of being spanked outside?  Placed over a knee, knickers down and squirming with embarrassment. Will they be seen?  Do they actually care?

A bench in the garden is the location and Casey needs a little reminder of who is in charge.

No walls to hide behind, only the foliage and the natural boundaries of a garden.  Casey is naturally reticent.  Rob is determined.


His hand reached out and took a firm grip on her upper arm. He dragged her towards him, and at the same time, he positioned her downwards. Casey immediately recognised his intention; she was being drawn over his lap.

“Oh, no!” she hollered.

“No?” queried Rob.

“Not here!” She pushed away from him.

“Yes, here.”

“The neighbours…”

“Can’t see, now move.” His voice thickened with his sterner tone.

“No!” She slid away, using her bottom on the smooth wooden bench. The grip on her arm remained tight, and the other hand moved to the back of her neck.

“No?” he questioned. “Casey, you understand if you want me to stop, you know what you have to say.”


taught_to_serve_fullThough she is both beautiful and intelligent, Casey has bounced from one job to another as a result of her failure to truly apply herself. As she sits on a park bench crying after yet another dismissal, things show no sign of changing anytime soon… until a passing stranger sees the tears in her eyes and comes to her rescue. The handsome, smartly dressed man by the name of Robert informs her that he is in need of a personal assistant and she might be a good fit.

Casey soon learns that her new boss will be a demanding one, and insufficient attention to detail will earn her a trip over his knee for a bare bottom spanking. To her surprise, Rob’s firm discipline only increases her attraction to him, and their relationship quickly grows into a passionate romance. She finds that Rob can be just as firm a boyfriend as he is a boss, but even as he teaches her to submit to him completely he also shows her pleasure—and love—beyond anything she has known before.

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  1. Fun and games in the great outdoors – so sexy. The thrill of discovery adds that extra sparkle.

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