Monday Morsel – Revealed

It would appear I left you all dangling on a cliff edge at the end of last week’s Dungeon Crawl – glowing from Trust Me to Keep You.

So this week’s Monday Morsel, I bring you the next few paragraphs.

To recap – Gemma and Jason are in their windowless dungeon, painted with Day-Glo paints, Gemma is waiting on the bed, when the lights go out.


Where the fuck is Jason? He was in the room but she could not see the Day-Glo.  He could not have had the time to wipe it off, so what was he doing?  His footfalls were faint but audible and he was moving indirectly towards the bed.  Her heartbeat went up a notch. She was not scared but the adrenaline was giving her a similar sensation to fear.  She wanted to move away to the back of the bed but remained routed in the same spot.  Gemma realised he had covered his body with a robe and that he must be tiptoeing towards her.  Gemma panted with frustration as with each silent step he drew closer.

Hell, it is so dark in here. No light slipped in under the door or reflected around.  Jason had an independent backup light system installed in case of a power outage.  He was very aware of the dangers of being descended into blackness mid-play.

Fuck!” She screamed.

trust me - to keep you-epub_html_m3183bb83He materialised right in front of her and she jumped out of her skin with the shock.  With the covering thrown off, he leapt upon the bed. The garish colours were bright and extraordinarily vivid.  Unintentionally she had managed to make him extremely menacing.  Not a word was spoken between them as he descended down on her body and she lay back expectantly.  Already filled with unquenchable need to have him enter and consume her body, she drew back her legs wider.  With no more than a single thrust, he glided into her and there he lay, his body glowing over hers like the aura borealis.  His breathing audible and fast, she wanted to touch him, but as she reached up, he spoke.

“Hands off!”

The red dots on the back of her hands had betrayed her intentions. He edged deeper, forcing her to stretch to accommodate him. In the dark, she could not see the largeness of his cock, nor appreciate how it had expanded as he had stalked her across the room. She had not heard his heart pounding, or the vivid image in his mind of having her beneath him, colourful and eager for him.  Gemma was accustomed to his thoughts being hidden from her, behind a mask of an unrevealing expression. Nor was being used blindfolded anything unusual for her. Yet, in the darkness, with her eyes wide open and her insides drooling with lust, he had pushed her to the brink of her emotional limits.


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