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rack-vert175pxA dungeon is just a room.  In this house it is a secret room, hidden and tucked away. The guests don’t know it is there.  When Gemma’s brother, John, comes to visit with his girlfriend, there is a confrontation and a revelation. Not everything is revealed to her brother, but Gemma is not coping very well with the truth being out. Their dungeon at least is still a secret, which is a good thing, because Jason knows the solution to her problems lies in that room.


The moment her brother and girlfriend had departed to bed, Jason had pulled Gemma over his lap, pulled down her knickers and proceeded to spank her with the firm palm of his hand. It had been her solemn face, which had caught his attention. After John had left the room, it had become apparent to Gemma the enormity of their confession about her submission. Part of her was relieved to have a family member know about her chosen lifestyle, another part was mortified at the revelation. Jason could see her stunned expression as she replayed the evening’s event back in her mind.

She had not wanted to be spanked. Although she had not resisted his advances, she remained stiff and unappreciative of his efforts to tame her worries. Her response to his smacks was to go into denial.

“I’m OK!” she huffed.

“Nope,” he said as another handprint was left on a pale cheek.

Gemma rattled off her protestations and Jason could tell something else was needed to bring her into a state of acceptance. With no sign of their visitors, he hauled her off to the lair and once there, instructed her to strip naked and worship his cock. Naturally, she did as she was told and he took full advantage of her using his swollen erection and her increasingly eager mouth.

Satisfied she no longer was making a pretence at submission, he elected to bind her in an elaborate pattern of ropes and left her curled up on the floor unable to move.  Settling back on the large four-poster bed, he preferred to admire her beauty.  Long brunette hair tied back into a ponytail, green eyes hidden behind tightly shut eyelids and lips slightly parted as she drifted in her state of subspace.  Age had not struck his wife down in any form: her features remained youthful and smooth. Her neck unblemished by wasted flesh and her belly flat.  Her breasts were shaped into perfect balls by the ropes and her muscles were toned by her dance and exercise classes. Physically she remained a fine specimen of feminine splendour.

Jason fingered his twitching manhood, it had spent itself down her throat and she had licked it clean. With each passing minute, he noticed her body adapt to the strictures of the bondage. Sometimes sex was not required during a scene. Which led Jason to think how little his guests understood the nature of what he and Gemma did away from prying eyes. He imagined the juvenile attempt at bondage John and Andrea had practised and it bore no resemblance to the intricate Japanese rope work, which ensnared Gemma’s body.

A deep sigh emitted from her mouth and he deemed it was time to unbind her, give her a massage and with his fingers bring about her much needed orgasm. Such was his success at relaxing her taut body, he was required to carry her up to bed in a fireman’s lift. It caused her to giggle in a muted protest at the indignity of being hoisted over his shoulder.



TrustmetokeepyouGemma Lucas, while continuing to explore her submission to Jason Lucas, deals with ignorant relatives and unsavoury harassers. His love means unceasingly shaping her life through domination and kinky sex. Their lives are intertwined, but will family revelations rip them apart? The dynamics of domination and submission, which defines their secret relationship, are about to be put to the test.

With each passing month, the couple find new ways to explore their love for each other and Jason takes increasing control of his wife’s life. Jason’s methods are experienced first-hand by his employees while Gemma makes new friends at a clandestine club. Secrets unravel as Gemma discovers things she did not know about her elusive husband. Her friends notice their habits, their families are inquisitive and one overheard sentence triggers a cascade of images that Gemma can no longer suppress.

Painful memories re-emerge and she can no longer contain the recollections.  Facing the truth about her past, will Jason help her overcome her fears?

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10 thoughts on “Dungeon Crawl – A Secret Room”

  1. I really enjoy the intricacies of Japanese rope bondage. I hope that Jason and Gemma can lend a hand to John and Andrea in the art of rope bondage. It’s such a beautiful and erotic sight.
    Wonderful Excerpt, Jaye!

  2. A very nice, intimate look at these two… Having studied the arts of Shibari and the other veins in this wonderful sensual art form in Japan a number of years ago, it can be so sensual and intimately engaging for the vision and sexuality for both partners… You’ve captured it well in your description and the indifference to other characters here in story… ★

  3. Yum, I love how he hauled her off to the lair and bound her up in shibari. It’s so artistically beautiful and sensual. Excellent scene. The fireman’s lift is especially sexy.

  4. This was wonderful. Both Beauty and are so lucky that both of our families accept our kink. I know that many people struggle to hide or to make family members who don’t understand that there is no abuse. I loved how you had him use the bondage as kind of a way of putting her into a secure ball watched over by him until her mind was in a much better place.

    • Much of this book is about how families and friends interact with the couple whether they know or not. You’re very lucky to have family who are comfortable with your kink.
      I like to use bondage scenes that show security, not necessarily sex.

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