Satspanks – The Right Mood

It’s an Easter Saturday – hope you are having a good weekend. Come join the spankings!

OTK Sat Spanks-dusty rose 

Being in a mood for a spanking – sometimes the giver and receiver are a little mismatched in their needs and intentions. She wants a little play time, he’s been trying to work and been distracted by her loud music.



“I think you need a good spanking,” he said curtly and she immediately gaped at him.

“Whatever you like,” she said with a sulkiness in her voice he wouldn’t tolerate: something she would surely know. Secretly, she must have fancied a spanking. What she wouldn’t have factored in was the severity he intended. Unfortunately, for his wife, she had misjudged his mood – he wasn’t feeling playful.

His fingers took her above the elbow and he propelled her towards one of the armchairs.  Bending her over it, he pulled her knickers down and her skirt up and over her head.  She was resting at the perfect height for a thorough spanking, therefore, he gave her one.


Who knows what it might put them in the mood for next?

15 thoughts on “Satspanks – The Right Mood”

  1. Oh dear. I hope she won’t make that mistake again in a hurry. Sounds like he means serious business.

  2. When “outside” factors, set the mood… you have to be prepared… sounds like there is an education in the future realization of mood for this poor armchair spankee… but in reality, a wonderful little taste of spank-a-ble eros here this day…

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