A life of their own

Another book creeps closer to being published. This is the start of a new stage in life of Jason and Gemma, and a new trilogy.

Why am I writing about the same characters? What makes an author turn one book into a series?

It wasn’t intentional. Some books I write, the words come to an absolute conclusion. At the end of the book, you draw a line under everything, things have reached their natural conclusion, there is nothing more to say.

When I wrote my Trust Me books, it quickly became apparent the characters were taking on a life of their own. Clichéd, but that is what it felt like. I enjoyed watching them develop, tutoring their characters and letting them take shape. What they are is not a reflection of me, they don’t carry my traits or appearance, but they write themselves easily. They fly on to the page, just like ink flows out of a pen.

If I started a book expecting them to do this, by then end they had done that, an almost spontaneous interaction between me and them.

It is not important to me that readers like or dislike my characters, that those books sell well and make a fortune. I’ve got past that and seen these characters purely a creation I enjoy fostering and building.

Other books, different characters, will come and go, but Jason and Gemma will always stay with me.

If you’ve not met Jason and Gemma, here is a quick bio:

Jason Lucas – wealthy businessman, controlling, aloof and distant – the persona he likes the world to see. To those he loves, he is a passionate Dominant, caring and loyal. There are aspects of himself he keeps hidden and only one woman is permitted to know all of him.

Jason has the money to do anything he wishes. As a writer, it gives me the broadest canvas upon which to paint and the luxury of delving into many fantasies.

Gemma is ordinary – the girl next door. Caught and seduced by her one-time boss, she quickly succumbs to his dominance, she is after all a self-declared submissive and happy to be one too. Erotically driven to please Jason, she can also be impulsive, independent and determine to find her own place in life.

Together they are lovers.




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