Satspanks – The Back of the Car

OTK Sat Spanks-dusty roseI’ve been absent for a couple of weeks, catching up on life in general, now I have new snippets to share 🙂

A little teaser from my WIP – Driven Wild.

Leah has been spoilt by her father and given her own chauffeur. She resents her new driver and to annoy him, she invites a young man into the back of the car. Things don’t go quite as planned and the young man is evicted. Now her driver is the one in the back of the car and he isn’t happy with Leah.



“So, you think I’m bluffing,” said Rick folding his arms across his chest. “I don’t do tricks. Lie over my lap and I will prove it to you.”

Leah found his determination and unyielding manner disconcerting. It reminded her a little of her father, the way he would hold his bearing, speak with authority and with the absolute expectancy of obedience, not just from Leah, but all those he employed.

“Why? Seriously why?” she asked.

“I want to spank you, Leah,” said Rick quietly. “Just so you know I mean it. I want you to stop chasing after the boys and behave yourself. You’re about to start university and you need to be focussed on your studies. Don’t you?”

“Yes,” said Leah. She had no idea what a spanking entailed, some part of her filled with curiosity, another screamed warning messages about the pain that might be involved and untested levels of trust needed by her.

“Then bend over my lap.” Rick shuffled towards the central seat, backing Leah against the door.




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