Dungeon Crawl – The Toy Box

dungeon crawl linkWelcome to this week’s Dungeon Crawl.

Just an ordinary house this week. Except there is the toy box. Every kinky couple has a toy box somewhere hidden away, don’t they 🙂


He made the request to his wife one evening and she met his idea with resistance. She was busy tidying the boxes of toys in the breakfast room when he broached the subject with her. The picture books piled up on the table ready to be put back on the book shelves and the colouring pens scattered about. Knelt surrounded by brightly coloured plastic, wooden blocks and dressing up clothes, she stayed on the floor.

Sitting at the table, he told her what he wanted her to do.

“Oh, why?” she said, as she picked up a wooden building block.

He wouldn’t say why only she was to do as he asked.

She dropped the block noisily in the plastic crate and stared intently at the remaining blocks.

She quibble the request a second time.

“You will and that is end of the matter.”

He pushed his chair back ready to stand up and as he did he heard the sound of a building block landing loudly in the box. She had thrown it in with some force to make it bounce about and clatter. The first missile was followed by another and then a third.

She said nothing when he reached down and pulled her up by her elbow. Nor did she protest when he took her upstairs and lifted up her skirt. The requirement to be without panties remained and he adored seeing her naked bottom on display. He spanked her for some considerable amount of time. At first she was stoic and tight lipped, then she went through a stage of making tiny noises of distress and finally she cried, especially when he landed his heaviest paddle on her red cheeks.

“Now is that the end of the matter?” he asked, tossing the paddle on the bed.

“Yes, sir.”

Her tone meek and quiet, however, if she thought it was sufficient to placate him, she was wrong. Perhaps it was a little too contrived, or maybe the body language lacked conviction.

“Nope, we’re not there yet, are we?” he observed. “You can be bloody hard work sometimes.”

He dispensed with the spanking approaching and went for her weakness; oral sex. It was not at the top of her list for achieving sexual gratification but it was for achieving submission. He reached in and retrieved his half-baked penis from his pants. Her hair was the handle he used to steer her towards him and she buried her face deep on to him.

He moaned with delight; regardless of her own mood, she always gave him a good blow-job. It was working for her too, he could see the eyes become vacant, the mouth drooling with saliva and her breathing fierce, as she caught her breath between sucks. He kept her at it for some time and he surmised her jaw must ache by the time he considered her in the right place of her mind.

He was on fire for her and thrilled by her demeanour. She acquiesced, as she always did when she was put in her place.

“Thank you, sir, thank you for fucking me hard,” she muttered into the pillow as he took her from behind. “I’m your dirty slut, sir, I love your cock in me, sir.”

She knew what to say to make him want her even more and he repeated back her words with his own additions and between them the dialogue drove them to completion. A sweaty, summer sweltering fuck on the bed and it created a radiating warmth and copious perspiration. A flow of sexual juices from both of them was added to the mix and he held her tightly as he pumped into her.

toy boxHe didn’t stop there. With her compliant and in a supreme state of acquiescence he played with her as befits a man with his favourite toy. He raided his own toy boxes and found items which were not garishly coloured or made from cheap recycled plastic. The silicone fibre rope maintained her stillness so he could torment her further. Then, a collection of fine feathers and his pinwheel tickled her writhing skin. Inside her vagina, he placed an ornate glass dildo, ice cold and unyielding, it kept her on the brink of an orgasm until she screamed for relief.

He smiled as he noted his wife’s dichotomy. She submitted willingly and yet she had been angry with him. Angry at his request and for enforcing her obedience without explanation. He watched two conditions fight it out before him and he knew which one would win. It always did when he was the master of her body.  She shook with her permitted orgasm, howled and finally flopped down in total exhaustion.

“Is the matter dealt with?” he asked yet again.

“Yes, master,” she said with red rimmed eyes. “Thank you, yet again, for sorting out my messes. I’m sorry I’m not more appreciative of you.”

“Good girl,” he said with a kiss of her lips. “Let’s have a shower, sweetheart, and then we can cuddle, talk and you can tell me what is really bothering you.”


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