Satspanks – The right tool for the job

Hello and welcome to this week’s Saturday Spanking.

From my soon to be released new book Driven Wild.  Naughty Leah has been getting speeding tickets. Three of them. Rick having warmed her up with his hand, doesn’t think a hand spanking is sufficient.


Rick stopped. His hand lifted off her back, the one that she realised had kept her still and unmoving throughout. Opening her eyes, she saw him walk about the room, searching for something, picking up items and then putting them down. She propped her body up on her elbows.

“Stay down. We’re not finished. Remember, six for each ticket?”

“Can’t you use your hand?” she pleaded.

“No. It has to be something you will take note of. In any case, my hand is a little sore,” he said with a brief chuckle.

Leah guffawed. “All right for some,” she snapped.

Rick waggled a finger at her. “Don’t be disrespectful, Miss Leah, or I shall add another six.”


What does he find to spank her with I wonder 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Satspanks – The right tool for the job”

  1. I don’t know the answer to the question but I would have had a different answer to his comment that his hand hurt. I’m sure it wouldn’t have gone well for me but my mouth spills out what the mind is thinking.

  2. I’m sure he can be resourceful. The answer depends on which room they are in. Kitchen could mean wooden spoon, bedroom could mean hairbrush. You’ve tickled my curiosity.

  3. Oh, that’s never good. 🙂 For a backside anyway 😉 For a reader, on the other hand…

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