Spanking A-Z Challenge – E is for…

E is the elephant in the room.


elephant in the roomSpanking, whether for fun, discipline, stress relief or the erotic pleasure/pain conundrum, is a social taboo. Nobody wants to be accused, misunderstood or humiliated. So it stays there, a secret desire, unspoken, unacknowledged.

Many couples go through life not realising their partner’s deepest fantasies.

Unmet needs kept tucked away.

The hard part is asking, explaining.

Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.

Today’s snippet:

She whipped her shades off her face to show him her look of relief. “I thought I was crazy. This need to belong to you and let you spank me. It shouldn’t be right, but it is and now, I don’t know how to say this easily… even if I’m good, I would want you to spank me.” Her voice was barely audible over the distant crashing waves and the squawk of seagulls above their heads.

From Driven Wild

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