Spanking A-Z Challenge – F is for…

F is for flogger.

Is flogging the same as spanking?  – for me, yes. The same dynamic exists between Top and bottom, the tool, the raised hand and the reddened flesh of the bottom. I’m partial to the sensual side of flogging, the different sounds, sensations and implements.

Leather floggers are popular. They can be soft and light, or heavy and brutal. Knotted or simple tails. Take your pick.

Personally, I like rope. The loose ends taunting the recipient with gentle caresses, then whoosh… the thud.

If you want to see some great examples of rope floggers follow this link to Conina’s fabulous floggers.

conina flogger



Today’s snippet:

Slowly he walked around her twitching body. As he moved, he trailed the makeshift flogger about her flesh, over her shoulders, down her back, and across her bottom. Round and round he went, and on each circuit, he twirled the rope, caressing her one second, stinging her with a flick of his wrist the next.

Leah flinched at first, then she grew to like the sensation. The rope tickled, grazed gently, and then bit into her with the loose ends.










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