Spanking A-Z Challenge – H is for …

H is for two  things today… first:

H is for hand or in this case, my hands.

Typing involves all the fingers for me. I touch type. The best thing I ever learnt to do years ago as a student. No PCs back then, I used a mainframe and a rather amusing program to help students get to grips with a keyboard. Letters on the screen and you simply typed over them, the faster the better, as long as you stayed accurate. Less than 95% accuracy and you repeated the level. It became a lunchtime addiction, sitting there until I mastered typing gibberish – all combinations of letters, numbers and punctuation.

It, the program, told you off if you failed. Threatened to send volts of electricity through the keyboard as a penalty. If you were especially bad, it would suggest you gave up for the day and took a break. It certainly had a sense of humour, that program. “Try taking off your gloves”, “You have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs, use them.” A bark, not a bite, but it felt personal. I did all the levels and then being a sucker for more punishment, I went back and repeated the lot. It made me fast, perhaps too quick for an electronic keyboard. I can’t cope with the old mechanical ones, they make my fingertips sore, hammering the keys. How did writers cope in the past?

The word count might vary, but my hands always get a daily work out at the keyboard. They sit comfortably here, hovering over the keys. My hands aren’t made for spanking, too precious for that. I will honour other hands for that purpose.

Now H is also for Hooray – Driven Wild is currently on the Amazon Top 100 list for Historical Erotica in both the UK and USA!!!!


drivenwild_fullHis lap seemed a long way down, but soon her face was close to the dusty floor. She sneezed, then giggled. A reaction of nervous energy and trepidation. Rick said nothing as he lifted up her skirt and she felt her knickers dragged up over her buttock cheeks, the skimpy fabric sunk into her crack.

A hand trailed up her leg from her knee, climbing high until it touched her, slipping under her protective clothing; a finger snuck into her and rimmed her pussy.

Leah nearly fell off his lap. In response, Rick looped a leg over her thigh and pinned her down.

Their breathing grew in volume. His rapid, while Leah tried to calm hers to a steady pace. She jolted. His smack had landed hard and fast.

“Handbrake turn?” he said with a chortle. “Let’s see if you can put a brake on this hand of mine.”

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4 thoughts on “Spanking A-Z Challenge – H is for …”

  1. I feel ancient – I learned on a typewriter – not even an electric one. Never could get my ‘a’ to show up. I guess I had a weak left pinky!

  2. I learned on a typewriter long ago, but then the very first ancient Apple computers were released into schools and I learned the last year or so of high school on a computer. I would love to take a typing program again, just to use as a refresher. My fingers have gone lazy these days. They seem to go all over the place, regardless of what I’m trying to say.

  3. Yay for typing! I spent a summer temp working in Washington DC. They’d make me take timed typing tests and I would run my hands under warm water first to get the fingers limber! lol

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